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Garden Paint


Add colour to almost anything in your garden with our Garden Paint. It’s versatile and can be used to paint wood, brick, terracotta and metal. Available in 24 colours, the paint both looks good and will waterproof and protect your wood too.

  • Add colour to your garden
  • Water-based garden paint
  • Colour lasts up to five years
  • Rainproof in one hour
  • Prevents cracking and peeling
  • Fantastic protection against weathering
Use on the following surfaces
  • Brick
  • Terracotta
  • Metal
  • Smooth planed wood
    Smooth planed wood

Wood, brick, terracotta, metal, stone (don't use on plastic, iron, decking or areas that you'll walk on).

24 colours available including:

Charcoal Grey



Moroccan Red


Cherry Blossom


English Oak


White Ash

Warm Stone




Lime Zest




Summer Sky

Midnight Blue

Cool Breeze


Pink Jasmine

Purple Berry

How to use Garden Paint

Before you start

Our paint can only be used on a warm day with the temperature above 10°C and make sure there’s no rain forecast.

This paint isn’t suitable for decking.

How to prepare new wood

  1. New wood needs to be left to weather for six weeks to ensure all coatings have washed away.
  2. After six weeks, lightly sand the surface to remove excess fibres and splinters.
  3. Wipe the wood with a lint-free cloth that’s slightly damp with methylated spirit.

How to prepare old garden wood

  1. Old wood that’s already been painted or has been left outside for a while should be quickly sanded down. This will get rid of loose paint and give you a smoot surface to work with.
  2. Wipe down the surface with white spirit to remove dirt or grease.
  3. Any mould or algae should be cleaned away and rotten wood should either be cut away or hardened.

Sheds and fences can be prepared with a stiff wire brush.

Preparing brick or stone

Brush away any dust or debris and wipe clear before painting.

Preparing terracotta

  1. Sand down the surface until any glaze is properly removed.
  2. Apply water to the terracotta and if it beads, you will need to keep sanding to remove the glaze.

Repeat step two until the water no longer beads.

Preparing metal

Metal surfaces should be primed before you apply the Garden Paint. Grey primer should be used for darker colours and a white primer used for lighter colours.


  1. Give the tin a good stir to make sure the colour pigments are mixed together.
  2. Test the colour on a small, hidden patch to make sure you’re happy with it.
  3. If you are, apply the first coat. When painting wood brush in the direction of the wood grain
  4. Wait four hours for the first coat to dry.
  5. For the best coverage and protection, you need to apply three coats.
  6. If you are painting a smooth surface, lightly sand the surface between the second and third coat.

Your paint will be rainproof in one hour, so don’t worry if the heavens open!


Regular Cleaning

To help your Garden Paint last as long as possible, make sure furniture is regularly wiped clean.

Your brushes can be cleaned in warm soapy water.


If the finish beings to look worn over time, apply a fresh coat to maintain the colour and protection.

Technical Specifications


Wood, brick, terracotta, metal, stone (unsuitable for plastic, iron, decking or areas you walk on)

Coverage Up to 12m2 per litre
Dry time Four hours
Coat time Four hours
Number of coats Three
Colours Daisy, White Ash, Elderflower, Sundial, Sage, Willow, Cool Breeze, Cornflower, Midnight Blue, Purple Berry, English Oak, Slate, Blackbird, Pink Jasmine, Lime Zest, Summer Sky, Cherry Blossom, Warm Stone, Sunburst, Clover, Mint, Moroccan Red, Pebble, Charcoal Grey
Finish Matt and opaque

Waterproofs wood, colour lasts for up to five years

Application Brush
Paint base Water
Sizes 0.25L, 0.75L, 2.5l