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Decking restorer

Save your grey weathered decking with our Decking Restorer! Leave it 15 minutes, give it a scrub and your deck will look like new.

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Decking restorer Decking Protector
  • Scuff resistant with a natural matt finish
  • Protects against foot traffic
  • Keeps the colour of your decking for longer
  • Repels water with a wax enriched formula
  • Ideal for newly laid decks
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Decking restorer Decking Restorer
  • Helps your decking last longer
  • Works in just 15 minutes
  • Low odour
  • Safe for plants and grass
  • Restores weathered and grey decking
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Decking restorer Decking End Grain Protector
  • Provides the ultimate weather protection
  • Rainproof and touch dry in 90 minutes
  • Prevents water from damaging your decking
  • Easy-to-apply with a decking brush
  • Great for new cut ends
  • Can be painted over with a decking finish
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