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Stain Block Aerosol

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Permanently stop household stains from showing through your paint with Stain Block Aerosol. It’s quick dry and blocks just about anything including crayon, red wine and dirt.

  • Easy to use and quick drying
  • Only requires two to three coats
  • No need for brushes so there’s nothing to clean up
  • Permanently blocks stains in one coat
  • Covers tough stains like crayon, nicotine, wine & grease
  • Recoat in just 10 minutes

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Use on the following surfaces
  • Indoor walls and ceilings
    Indoor walls and ceilings

1 colour available including:


How do I use it?

Number of coats

Two to three coats


Spray on

How to block stains from showing through paint or wallpaper

Before you start

Our stain block works best if your room is above 10°c. Open the doors and windows for added ventilation and put down dust sheets to protect your furniture from paint. Always wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes.


  1. Shake the can until you hear it rattle and then carry on for another minute.
  2. Hold the can 20-30cm away from the wall or ceiling and spray from side to side for an even finish.
  3. Wait 10 minutes for the first coat to dry.
  4. Apply a second coat and wait 10 minutes again for it to dry. After the second coat, assess the stain and apply a third if it’s still visible.
  5. Wait 24 hours for the paint to fully dry before decorating over.


Wait until the paint is completely dry before you cover it with paint or wallpaper. This isn’t intended to be a top coat, so you should cover it.


To clean the aerosol, turn the can upside down and spray it for a few seconds. Wipe the nozzle with a damp cloth.

Technical specification

Usage: All bare or previously painted interior walls and ceilings
Dry time: Recoat in 10 minutes, decorate after 4 hours
Coat time: 10 minutes
Number of coats: Two to three
Colours: White
Finish: Matt
Durability: Prevents damp from staining and showing through paint or wallpaper
Application: Spray on aerosol
Sizes: 400ml

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