Get your garden ready for summer

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When it comes to preparing your garden for summer there are a few things to be considered, particularly if you’ve got a big outdoor space. So, where do you start and what should you be focusing on? We discuss all in this post to help you get your garden summer ready. 

When should I start preparing my summer garden?

Little and often is the key when it comes to preparing your garden for summer. As the weather starts to get warmer and brighter in Spring, try and work your way through your to-do list. 

You can of course dedicate a few days over the weekend to work through as much as possible, which may be a good option if you like to keep on top of your garden maintenance. However, if you have painting, planting, mowing and cleaning to do and your garden has remained mostly untouched throughout the colder months, you might want to chip away at it over a few weeks. 

How do I prepare my garden for summer?

1. Add colour

Nothing says summer ready like a colourful garden — and that doesn’t have to mean just flowers! Try using a splash of Ronseal Garden Paint to brighten up flower pots or garden benches. The paint comes in 29 colours so you can mix and match however you like.

Give the garden a classic feel with White Ash or Elderflower, or go all out with funky colours like Pink Jasmine and Lime Zest.  Ronseal Garden Paint can be used on wood, brick, terracotta and metal, and is rainproof in one hour for easy application. 

2. Protect and refresh your fences

The UK sun can damage wood over time, making it look tired and grey, so it needs protecting. Apply Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate to protect your fence and keep it looking great for summers to come. Choose from 6 different colours to refresh your fence. In addition, you can always breathe new life into your garden by decorating your garden fence

3. Make sure your decking is in top shape

Decking can be affected by rain and sun, or marked and scuffed by people walking on it. Using our Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Paint on old decking can colour and protect from sun damage and also fills in any cracks and locks down splinters.

4. Ensure you're using the right tools

Using the right garden tools that are clean can really make a difference to the overall finish of your garden. Broken, damaged or blunt equipment needs to be thrown out and replaced, otherwise the summer ready garden prep could take you twice as long. 

5. Deep clean the BBQ

If you’re able to store your bbq away for the winter and you gave it a good clean after its last use, you may not have to scrub as hard as others. However, after no use for many months, your BBQ will most definitely still need some TLC. Use a dedicated bbq grill cleaner to ensure that nothing gets missed and you’re ready to host your friends and family when they come round.

6. Spruce up the lawn

The majority of lawns will need to be de-weeded and mowed in order to get them looking ready for summer. However, you may need to treat your lawn if it’s looking patchy, dry or discoloured. You could always use a garden fork to make holes in the grass to aerate the ground. 

7. Invite the wildlife in

Not only is creating homes for wildlife eco-friendly it’s also a great way for you to enjoy the sounds and sights of nature in your own garden.  Whether you want to build a bird box or plant lavenders and buddleia to attract bees and butterflies, there are many ways you can embrace wildlife. 

8. Clean your garden furniture

Grease, dirt and algae are all easily buildable on garden furniture, which is why it needs not only a good clean at the start of the summer but also to be maintained throughout. Depending on the furniture you have, you may need to stain or oil your furniture to restore it. Either way, you can use Ronseal’s Garden Furniture Cleaner as prep before applying, or as a stand alone cleaner.

9. Revive the shed

Your shed may need a new coat of paint to spruce it up after surviving the elements over winter. Whether you’re keeping the colour the same or trying something new, you can use the same Ronseal Garden Paint you used on your fence to ensure lasting protection and a fresh new look. 

10. Add textures and fabrics

Outdoor rugs and blankets are the perfect way to bring your garden together. Adding fabrics and textures gives a cosy feel to a space, making it an extension of the interior of your home. The blankets also come in handy at night once the sun goes down and the garden fairy lights come on.

11. Elevate your garden through scents

When adding final touches and bringing in new flowers and plants into your garden, be sure to think about scent. For example, jasmine is always a great option, it smells great and also looks striking when growing up a wall or in a hanging planter. Also, don’t forget about herbs such as thyme, not only do herbs smell good but you can use them in your cooking too. 


Using these handy tips and steps to get your garden ready for summer means it doesn’t need to be a headache, and can even be a chance for you to really get creative with your exterior design and features. If you’re looking to mix things up and want to know how to make the most of your garden, then please check out our guide to discover the best way to use your exterior space.