14 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Fence

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If you’re short on space in your garden, making the most of your fence can help you create an outdoor space without taking up precious ground room. There’s a lot that you could do with your fence, but here are some of our favourite ways to transform your fence.


1. Brighten things up 

Fences don’t have to be brown or green; your fence can be as vibrant, vivid and colourful as you’d like! You could even choose a scheme that contrasts your flowers – it’s sure to create a statement piece for your garden.

From Moroccan Red to Pink Jasmine and Lime Zest, we’ve got 29 colours in our Garden Paint range for you to choose from to make your garden fence ‘pop’.  Not only does it look good, but it’s also rainproof and lasts up to five years. 

2. Add climbing flowers

Introduce nature to your garden without compromising on floor space with a trellis; clematis, bougainvillea and wisteria are all perfect for a trellis as they will just climb and climb and climb – but be sure to cut them back regularly so they don’t make their way next door.

Securely fix the trellis to your fence with waterproof screws to make sure the weight of your plants doesn’t overwhelm it.

3. Add a living wall 

Want to make an impact? Then consider a living wall in your garden, not only do they have a dramatic effect, but the added greenery provides oxygen and helps to purify the air. There are many ways to create a living wall including attaching irrigated troughs to the walls as planters or placing plants in small pots that are rooted into a mat and hung on the wall. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it’s all about what works best for your garden and fence space. 

4. Light it up 

Fairy lights are an easy, low-maintenance way of brightening up and bringing to life any garden fence. To keep things energy efficient and so you don’t have to pay a fortune for batteries, opt for solar-powered, all-weather lights when you’re searching for which style of string lights to feature.

5. Colour coordination 

If you’re wanting to keep things neat and tidy, or if you have an overall vision for your garden that doesn’t have the fence as a focal point, then we recommend keeping this simple. Colour coordinating your fence with the rest of your garden so it seamlessly blends in, is the easiest way to decorate your fence without highlighting it as a main feature of the garden. 

Before decorating, ensure your fence is protected with treatment and preserver such as our Fence Life Plus or wood preserver products.

6. Suspended planters  

If a full living wall isn’t for you, suspending planters from your garden fence is a good alternative option. You’re still adding greenery, however, suspended planters draw the eye up which is great for a smaller garden where planting space on the ground may be minimal. 

7. Attract the wildlife 

Bird feeders are a great addition to any garden fence, not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re also the perfect way for you to attract more wildlife into your garden. To ensure you’re being eco-friendly, why not make your own bird feeder out of recycled materials? 

8. Statement feature wall 

Featured fence panels are becoming more and more popular in gardens, providing a splash of art and intrigue to an exterior space. If you’ve got a larger garden or your fence spans around the whole perimeter of your garden, fence panels are a great way of making use of all of that fence space in a sophisticated and artistic way.  

9. Hanging baskets 

Perfect for smaller gardens, hanging baskets allow you to utilise fence space and add colour without taking up any ground space. Unsure which flowers to put in your hanging baskets? Popular choices include geraniums and calibrachoa, but the truth is you can use any plant, all you need to do is make sure you don’t choose plants that will outgrow the container you select. 

10. Add a potted bench 

Hanging baskets or big statements like fence panels may not be your style, but adding a potted bench may be an ideal option for you. A growing favourite for those that have a shabby chic style garden is propping a potted bench against fencing; this could be the final touch you’re missing in your outdoor space. Anything goes when it comes to styling and creating a potted bench, just as long as it’s able to hold a variety of pots, plants, and tools!

11. Mix up materials 

If you’re wanting to transform your fence but don’t want to have to pay for a whole new fence to be installed, then we suggested adding extra materials to give it a new look but without the price tag. For example, adding bamboo garden fence trellising or screening introduces a new material into the area, completely changing its design and feel. 

12. Reflect the light with mirrors

Who doesn’t love the idea of making a garden look bigger while decorating a garden fence? To do this, you’ll need to add mirrors. The mirrors don’t have to be huge, but you just need to make sure they’re optimally positioned to reflect light, giving the illusion of a larger outdoor space.

13. Go big with a mural 

If you’re wanting to introduce something with a ‘wow’ factor into your garden, then go big with a mural painted on your fence. It could be something personal to you, or just a stunning piece of art that you love to look at, whatever the design, any garden mural is sure to make an impact. 

14. Express yourself 

Finally, think of your fence as a blank canvas with few limits and remember whatever you want to do to it, you can. From hanging paintings and lights to using kid’s wellies as a planter – the choice is yours. Try to maintain a practical element while still looking decorative and you’ll soon have a fantastic focal point in your garden. 


If you’re looking for more ideas and ways to make the most of your garden, check out our informative guide for more tips and tricks. Or if you’re ready to get started on your garden fence project, head over to the Sheds and Fences area of our website to find the featured products from this post.