Tips for decorating your garden fence

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If you’re short on space in your garden, making the most of your fence can help you create a garden without taking up precious floor space. There’s a lot that you could do with your fence, but here are some of our favourite ways to transform a plain old fence into a garden feature.

Use lots of colour

Fences don’t have to be brown or green; your fence can be as vibrant, vivid and colourful as you’d like! You could even choose a scheme that complements or contrasts your flowers – either way it’s sure to create a statement piece for your garden.

From Moroccan Red to Pink Jasmine and Sundial yellow, we’ve got 24 colours for you to choose from to make your garden fence ‘pop’! Not only does it look good, it’s waterproof and protects the wood too.

Build some hanging planters

You might think it’s hard to attract wildlife to your garden without shrubs, plants or trees, BUT you don’t need grass to appeal to the birds and bees. Planters can be hung from fence posts or you can get creative and build makeshift shelves for pots to sit on. Paint these too for a colourful paradise in your small back garden.

It’s really easy to attach a bird box to your fence too. Secure it with nails that won’t rust and make sure it’s well out of reach of any cats that may visit your garden!

Add climbing flowers

Another way to introduce nature to your garden without compromising on floor space, is with a trellis. Clematis, bougainvillea and wisteria are all perfect for a trellis as they will just climb and climb and climb – but be sure to cut them back regularly so they don’t make their way next door.

Securely fix the trellis to your fence with waterproof screws to make sure the weight of your plants doesn’t overwhelm it.

Express yourself

Think of your fence as a blank canvas with few limits. Whatever you want to do to it, you can. From hanging mirrors and lights to using kid’s wellies as a planter – the choice is yours. Try to maintain a practical element while still looking decorative and you’ll soon have a fantastic focal point for your small garden.

Before starting to decorate, ensure your fence is protected with a treatment and preserver such as our Fence Life Plus or total wood preserver products.