Decking colour ideas and inspiration

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Decking colour ideas and inspiration

Looking for decking colour ideas?
You may be about to design and decorate a brand-new decking installation. Or you could be giving an old deck a new lease of life. Either way, committing to decking colours and designs can be a daunting task. After all, it’s a look you’ll want to last.
Being able to visualise the finished project can be half the battle. So, before you make your decision, take a look through our gallery of garden inspiration below. There are lots of great options to explore and a few styling tips to try along the way.


Dark and dramatic


Credit @ our little doer upper
Transform your decking into an exotic escape with a dark and dramatic colour scheme. Darker tones are not only practical for high footfall areas but punchy too.
Here, our Ultimate Protection Decking Paint in Charcoal is teamed with exotic plants and a hot tub to create a secluded, spa-like setting. It’s atmospheric and incredibly inviting.
Top tip: When working with large dark spaces, use uplighters to deliver depth, highlights and shadows.


Cool and calm

Credit @tinapasteldreamer
Try mixing hues of blues, greys and pastels to create a relaxed retreat.
Sitting on the cooler end of the spectrum, this colour pallet works well against houses with crisp white renders or grey windows and doors. To recreate it, combine Fence Life Plus in Midnight Blue with Ultimate Protection Decking Paint in Slate with lots of comfy, cool-toned accessories.
Top tip: If you opt for a tonal look like this, try breaking it up with pops of pink in your accessories.


Warmer moments

Credit @zoeoliviaev
If your house and garden designs feature warmer tones, you might want to echo this in your decking. Our Ultimate Protection Decking Paint in Warm Stone is a great base for a cosy corner and it works with all ages of deck.
Finish your decking with a natural stained fence, a patterned rug and comfortable seating. Finding a rug that echoes the colour of your decking will help tie the whole space together.
Top tip: Inspired by warmer climates, decorate your decking with plants such as the Canary Island Date Palm.  


Au Natural

Credit @ fourwallsandwinston
Wood has so much to offer. It’s practical, sure, but it’s also packed with character and stunning to look at. If you want to make the most of every knot and notch in your decking, stains and oils will help you showcase its look whilst also protecting it.
Dressing your deck with wicker furniture and neutral textiles will enhance your natural palette.
Top tip: To keep your look contemporary, invest in a modern, structured chair and planters.


Define with darker shades

In a sea of green, a dark grey decking area can really add definition. A product like our Ultimate Protection Decking Stain in Charcoal will allow you to honour the grain of your wood whilst still providing a really pigmented finish.
Use this technique to zone out a dedicated area or simply draw the eye to a focal point in your garden. Using wildflowers or soft grasses as a border will balance out any heaviness in your structured design
Top tip: Gravel will help you to bridge any gaps between decking and your house. It’s low maintenance and provides great drainage for rainwater too.   

Bring out your bright side

If you’re open to more daring decking colour ideas, consider yellow, green or purple.
Our Ultimate Protection Decking Paint in Bramble, seen above, is a rich and vibrant shade that provides an instant wow factor. Teamed with a complimentary shade of sage or teal on the fence, this decking sets a real style statement for those confident with colour. It’s unique, inviting and sure to start conversations.
Top tip: Carry the colourful experience through to your plant choices. Roses, Mandevilla and Fuscia are just a few choices to explore.


A wash of white  

Crisp, white decks can be used as a base for a number of design themes, from nautical to minimalist.
Just remember that a white, bright deck needs to be treated properly before painting so that wear and tear doesn’t show; using Decking Cleaner and Reviver will help freshen up your deck when prepping to paint. 
Top tip: Add interest at floor level by dotting vases, plants and hurricane lamps around your deck.


Airy with an awning

This light look combines all the benefits of being in the great outdoors with a few creature comforts from inside. At its base, Decking Paint colours such as Warm Stone ensure the area feels welcoming. This, along with the awning and open fencing, ensures the decking feels sheltered but still open to its surroundings.  
Lanterns, scatter cushions and throws cement the scene. Bordering plants are also used to make the transition into the garden more seamless.
Top tip: To break up this decking colour idea, try adding monochrome touches through seating, table lanterns and planters. This will draw your eyes into the space, without being overbearing.  


Trendy meets traditional

Credit @Our_old_langtree_home
If you’re looking for style that stands out, pair a traditional stained decking area with a darker and more contemporary colour fence.
A deep grey, such as Fence Life Plus in Slate, makes a smart statement in any garden. Couple that with a deck treated in Ultimate Protection Decking Oil in Natural Pine, to create an eye-catching effect.
Top tip: To bring some unity to this look, mirror the grey of your fence in the dressing for your decking.


Set out your space

Credit @the_house_the_plummers built
Decking doesn’t always have to be the main event, it can be used to frame a space too. Install accent decking to create a layered look against large stone paving or pebbled patios.
Contrasting your colours will help define each area and add to the overall look. You may also want to consider laying your decking vertically, where possible, to elongate your space.
Top Tip: Bifold doors create a picture-perfect gateway between indoors and outdoors.  Match your decking colour to the wood used around the doorway for a more considered finish.


Go for grey

Credit @ourashwoodhome
The grey garden trend continues to grow in popularity. Muted but modern, it has a more contemporary edge than other traditional decking colour ideas. It’s also very versatile and works well with almost any other accent colour.
In this example, a large expansive space of grey has been neatly sectioned into social areas using hot tubs, rugs and stylish seating.
Top tip: People naturally gravitate towards features that involve water, fire and food. Incorporating these elements in your deck designs can help to set a scene for socialising.


Raw and rustic

Credit @Ronseal
If raw and rustic is more your vibe, consider neutral decking colours that are inspired by nature.
From slate to stone, there are lots of warm and welcoming shades to choose from for your fence and decking.  Natural textiles, such as hessian and terracotta, will also add to the earthy charm. As will hand-thrown pottery, woven throws and other tactile touches.
Top tip: With this look, the more relaxed and unique you can make your décor the better. Shopping from local craftsmen, thrift shops and pre-loved sales is a great way to bring in character and avoid mass-market perfection.


Colours closer to home

Credit @victorianterrace_120
Still struggling for decking paint colour ideas? Why not look closer to home?
Drawing inspiration from your own interiors is a great way to integrate your house and garden.
Starting with the spaces closest to your decking, look for wood finishes, patterns or pops of colours that you can take into your outdoor areas.
Here the black accents from the lounge are reflected in the garden fence using our Fence Life Plus in Tudor Black Oak. The decking colour has also been chosen to align with the indoor flooring.  
Top tip: Upcycle old garden items with our Garden Paint to ensure they fit your new colour scheme. Available in 29 colours, there’s sure to be a shade to match.


Inspired by the Mediterranean

Credit @the_grey_residence_no_4
Give your garden a Mediterranean twist using light, warm colours against natural materials and finishes. This look is all about keeping things simple and effortless whilst also adding a touch of romance. Think cottons and rattan with fairy lights and candles, it’s chic but also carefree.
Slatted fencing and decking finished in our Warm Stone Ultimate Protection Decking Paint will give you a great foundation. To complete the look, bring in some olive trees or cushion covers inspired by them. Lavender and rosemary will also look great (and smell even better)!
Top tip: You may not be able to conjure the sound of the sea from your back garden, but a water feature is great for chilled-out vibes.  


Top and tail your garden


Credit @athomewiththemunsters
Why stop at one decking area when you can have two? Topping and tailing your garden with decking can split a long and thin garden into more usable and manageable thirds. You can also dedicate zones for different activities.
For this top and tail look, you need to treat both areas of decking in the same colour. A natural finish works well against lush lawns and a backdrop of dark fencing.
Top tip:  When you’re working with a long thin space that also needs to cater for traffic, go for furniture that mirrors those dimensions. This will ensure you keep a clear space for footfall and a clear line of sight to your second deck.
Having browsed our collection of decking colour ideas and designs, we hope you’ve found a look to fit your home. But, if you’re still set on exploring, our guide to outdoor decking ideas and inspiration has even more to offer. Or, if you want to know how to keep your decking looking fresher for longer, learn about the best way to look after your decking

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