Shed colour ideas and inspiration

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Sheds are a solid staple in most gardens. They provide storage, security and even a sanctuary for some. 

To keep your shed in full working order, it’s important that you treat and maintain it with a product designed for the great outdoors. But just because that treatment needs to be functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and colourful too! 

In this article, we’ll explore a range of shed colour ideas that will add personality to your structure whilst also protecting it. Whether you want your outdoor buildings to sink seamlessly into your garden design or stand out as a feature, there are lots of great exterior shed colour schemes to consider.

Garden shed paint colour ideas

1. Serene sage

                    Credit: Ronseal

Garden design this year. With its fresh finish and nostalgic charm, sage brings an effortless elegance to your garden design. 

This serene shade of green is also incredibly versatile and will complement almost any foliage or flowers you want to team it with.  Use our Fence Life Plus in Sage to get in on this trend and protect your shed against rain, snow, frost and UV damage. 


Top tip: Create cohesion between your indoor and outdoor spaces by using sage on your fence panels and your interiors too. Add accessories in neutrals, woods or brown for a traditional, earthy look or use pops of mustard yellow to make your scheme more vibrant.


2. Light and bright

                Credit: The.wanders.of.willow

Whether you opt for a cool, crisp white or a warm and awakening stone, a light and bright colour scheme can really uplift your garden.  

A shed in a bright shade will act as a focal point against your natural backdrop of greens, browns and blues. Depending on the styling, it can be dressed to look modern and minimalist, quaint and romantic or even Mediterranean. 


Top tip: Take the brightening effect beyond the exterior and paint the inside of your shed too. This is especially useful if your shed is placed in a shady spot. A light interior will make the most of the sunshine your shed receives and it makes it easier to find things too.


3. Cool and contemporary

                 Credit: at_ home_with_amy_and_h

Painting your shed grey adds a cool and contemporary twist to any garden. And with a range of shades on offer, you can dial your drama up or down depending on your overall design.  

Soft greys, like pebble or pewter, combined with naturals and neutrals will give you a calm and cosy feel. But, for a look that packs more punch, you should opt for a more intense grey like charcoal or slate. 

Top tip: If you like using grey and want to up the ante, our article on how to use grey in your garden is packed full of ideas to try.


4. Coastal colours


                                  Credit: Ronseal

Create your very own slice of the seaside at home using tidal tones to update and refresh your shed. This look is all about being bright and bracing. It will take your shed or summerhouse from frumpy to focal point and add a little escapism to your outdoor areas. 

To get that coastal character, partner soft blues (such as Fence Life Plus Cornflower) with whites or greens. With your colour in place, you can dial up the theme with nautical accessories or opt for a more relaxed coastal farmhouse vibe with rustic wooden benches and upcycled watering cans for planters. 


Top tip: For a twist on this traditional look, create an ombre effect by blending whites through light blues down to deeper teals or navy. It’s just as uplifting but feels modern and playful too.


5. Lush and lively

                                  Credit: Ronseal

Teal is yet another colour that’s trending in the world of design. It’s strong and saturated yet sits comfortably in most garden schemes. This makes it one of the most versatile shed colour ideas. 

As a jewel colour, Teal adds luxury and richness to your space. It’s also more rare to see than other more traditional greens or blues. If you want to add to this feeling of opulence, try using metallic fittings on your doors in gold or brushed brass. 

If this shade sounds like your cup of tea, check out our Fence Life Plus in Teal for five full years of colour perfection and protection. 


Top tip: Teal is a very deep and dramatic colour that offers a lot of character. To make sure this doesn’t get too overwhelming, frame your shed with a bright neutral walkway or add plenty of colourful plants between your shed and any fencing in the same colour.


6. Earthy hues


                                     Credit: Ronseal

If you’re stuck for garden shed paint colour ideas, take inspiration from your location and choose colours from your garden’s personal palette.  This will ensure you create a flawless flow between your outdoor structures and the surroundings they sit in. 

From bark-like browns to forest greens (pictured above from our Fence Life Plus range), there are lots of choices available. Tones inspired by nature are a massive trend for 2022 interiors and can be just as impactful when used outdoors. 


Top tip: Treating your decking and doors in the same shade as your shed will add to the seamless look. When choosing furniture, try natural materials like wood and wicker too.  


7. Back to black

                                      Credit: Ronseal

Pick up any lifestyle magazine this year and you're bound to see plenty of black. Whether you use black accents sparingly or dive deep into a full monochrome colour scheme, it’s guaranteed to make an impact on your finished design. 

Black is an incredibly transformative design choice. It’s definitive and dramatic but can also blend into the background where needed. Painting your shed in a shade like our Fence Life Plus in Tudor Black Oak will also make it feel further away. This will make your garden feel bigger. Result! 

Top tip: If you want to keep your black shed centre stage, add depth and interest to it by painting your door in a contrasting colour. Here we’ve used Fence Life Plus in Charcoal Grey.


8. Rich reds

                                  Credit: Ronseal 

Passionate and powerful, red is a great British colour icon. Used on everything from phone booths to post boxes, it’s a colour full of warmth and pride that commands your attention. So, why not use it on your shed?  

There are lots of great shades of red available. Bold and bright hues will provide a more young and quirky vibe whereas deeper shades can feel more sophisticated and timeless. Try our Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate in Red Cedar (above) or Garden Paint in Moroccan Red.


Top tip: Red is a statement shade. Lean into this and keep the colour flowing throughout your fence and furniture for a high impact garden design.


9. Creative colour blocking

                                        Credit: Ronseal 

Make your shed a canvas for creativity and opt for a vibrant colour block design. This bright and bold look works well in blues, oranges, yellows, greens and purples. The options are endless but always eye-catching! 

Top tip: When picking shades to colour block together, choose hues that share a similar level of saturation to ensure one doesn’t dominate the other. Here Fence Life Plus in Midnight Blue is balanced with Garden Paint in Summer Sky.


10. Keeping it real

                                     Credit: Ronseal 

If you’d rather embrace and enhance the natural character and colour of your shed, treat it in a traditional wood-inspired tone. Our One Coat Fence Life in Medium Oak is a warm and welcoming option that can open up your garden and make it more inviting. 

This treatment can be used on new wood and sheds that have been painted before. Needing only one coat, it’s an ideal choice for those pressed for time and it will stop your shed from greying too. 


Top tip: Darker shades such as Garden Paint in English Oak make a more practical choice for sheds that may see more wear and tear. They’re also better for blurring out boundaries and helping your sheds blend more subtly into your garden design. 


This is just a small selection of garden shed paint colour ideas but, with products like our Garden Paint available in 29 shades, there are plenty more to explore. Whichever colour you decide on, don’t forget to visit our handy guide on how to paint your shed to get a top class application.