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Wood primer

Our wood primers give a better surface for paint to stick to so you have a perfect finish

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Wood primer One Coat All Surface Primer and Undercoat
  • Makes preparation a breeze
  • Also available as a quick dry aerosol to really cut down on prep time
  • Ready to paint over in two hours
  • Suitable for bare of previously painted surfaces
  • Covers bold colours
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Wood primer One Coat Wood Primer And Undercoat
  • Paint over in 2 hours
  • Use on bare or previously painted wood
  • Helps paint stick
  • Hides bold colours and dark marks
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Wood primer Knot Block Wood Primer and Undercoat
  • Everything you need in one tin
  • Guaranteed to block wood knots
  • Ready to paint over in four hours
  • Can be used on bare or previously painted wood
  • Won’t yellow, crack or peel
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