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Chalky Furniture Paint

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Perfect for upcycling furniture, changing the colour of a door or revamping cupboards. Protects against knocks and scuffs and doesn’t need wax or lacquer. Everything you need is included in one tin, there’s no need for primer!

  • Easy to use and touch dry in 30 minutes
  • Available in seven colours
  • Ideal for upcycling projects
  • Tough protection so it looks its best for longer
  • Tough & durable finish
  • Resists scuffs & scratches
  • Transforms & protects furniture

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Use for the following wood types
  • Interior wood
    Interior wood
  • Interior furniture
    Interior furniture
  • Doors & windows
    Doors & windows
  • Cupboard doors
    Cupboard doors

7 colours available including:
Country Cream

Country Cream

Dove Grey

Dove Grey

Duck Egg

Duck Egg

English Rose

English Rose

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue



Vintage White

Vintage White

Need to know

Two coats give you the best finish and protection for your furniture. Watch our video to find out how to apply our Chalky Furniture Paint.

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Quick tip

To make quick work of upcycling, everything you need is in one tin. You don’t need a separate primer or finishing coat.

Number of coats

2 coats for the best finish


Paints up to 16m2 per litre


Brush on

Use it on...

Interior wood including furniture, cupboards and doors

How to use chalk paint

Before you start

Make sure your room is warm and above 10°C. The chalk paint doesn’t have a strong smell but you still might want to open a window or door for extra ventilation.

Put down a dust sheet so you don’t accidentally end up painting your carpet. If you do, don’t worry, it will wash out easily.

How to prepare bare wood

  1. Use 120 grit sandpaper and lightly sand in the direction of the woodgrain. This will help to give you a smooth surface to help the paint adhere well.
  2. Let the dust settle and wipe it up with white spirit and a cloth.

How to prepare painted wood

If you suspect the paint on your furniture or cupboards is from before the 1960s, it may contain lead. If that’s the case, you can contact our technical services team on 0114 240 9469 and they’ll be able to advise you on what to do.

  1. For paint that’s in a good condition, just lightly sand it with 240 grit sandpaper to help the chalk paint stick.
  2. If your paint is in a poor condition and is flaking off, you need to sand back to the bare wood. This is easiest done with 120 grit sandpaper and an electric sander.
  3. Let the dust settle and wipe it up with white spirit and a cloth.


  1. Thoroughly stir the paint to make sure the colour pigments are mixed and there’s no lumpy bits.
  2. Apply a first coat using a synthetic brush and paint in the direction of the woodgrain.
  3. Wait four hours for the coat to dry.
  4. Apply a second coat. This will be touch dry in only 30 minutes and that’s it, job done.



Once your paint is dry, you can clean your wood just like you normally would. Don’t let the dirt and dust build up too much though or you won’t be able to show off your DIY skills!


Repairing any damage or cracks is easy. You just need to sand down the damaged area and apply another couple of coats to fix it.

Technical Specification

Usage: All indoor wood cupboards, drawers, shelving, furniture, doors, skirting & architrave. Don’t use on wooden floors
Coverage This tin will cover 6m2 with 2 coats
Dry Time Touch dry in 30 minutes
Coat Time Four hours
Number of coats Two

Vintage White, Pebble, Country Cream, Dove Grey, English Rose, Duck Egg, Midnight Blue

Finish Matt
Durability Primer, paint and protector in one. Tough enough to cope with knocks and scrapes
Application  Brush
Sizes 750ml
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