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Enamel paint

Stop recurring problems like mould and stains from coming back and running your walls

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Enamel paint One Coat Radiator Paint
  • No need for a primer, just paint it on
  • Leaves a tough durable finish
  • Easy to apply – one coat is all you need
  • Heat resistant with a brilliant white finish
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Enamel paint Quick Dry Radiator Spray Paint
  • Smooth and tough enamel finish
  • Heat resistant
  • Ready for a recoat in 30 minutes
  • Easy spray-on application
  • No need for a primer, just spray it on and go
  • Won’t yellow over time
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Enamel paint Stay White Radiator Paint
  • Keeps your radiators whiter for longer
  • Stands up to knocks, scuffs and scrapes
  • Easy to apply
  • Looks brilliantly white for longer
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