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Quick Dry Radiator Spray Paint

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Give your radiators a tough, heat resistant finish with our Quick Dry Radiator Spray Paint. It’s easy to apply as there’s no need for a primer and you can recoat in only 30 minutes.

  • Smooth and tough enamel finish
  • Heat resistant
  • Ready for a recoat in 30 minutes
  • Easy spray-on application
  • No need for a primer, just spray it on and go
  • Won’t yellow over time
  • Resists scuffs & scratches
  • Heat resistant & stays white
  • Touch dry in 15 minutes

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Use on the following surfaces
  • Radiators

1 colour available including:


How do I use it?

Number of coats

Three coats


Spray on

Dry time

Completely dry in 24 hours

How to spray a radiator

Before you start

Your radiators need to be turned off and cold before you start painting. They should be clean and free from dirt, grease and other loose material.

Put down dust sheets to protect the floor and mask off the surrounding areas to avoid overspray.

Open the doors and windows for added ventilation.

Give the radiator a quick sand down to ensure the surface is smooth and dust is removed.


  1. Give the can a good shake until you hear a rattle, then keep going for another minute.
  2. Hold the can 20-30cm away from the surface.
  3. Spray in a sweeping motion.
  4. Wait 30 minutes for the first coat to dry.
  5. Apply a second coat and then a third, leaving 30 minutes between each.
  6. Leave the third and final coat to dry for 24 hours before turning the radiators back on.



To keep your finish looking good and remaining tough, regularly clean and dust your radiators.

To clean the can, just turn it upside down and spray for a few seconds. Then wipe the nozzle with a damp cloth.

Technical specification

Usage All household radiators
Dry time Touch dry in 15 minutes, recoat after 30 minutes
Coat time 30 minutes
Number of coats 2-3
Colours White
Finish Satin, Gloss
Durability Leaves a smooth but tough enamel finish
Application Spray
Sizes 400ml

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