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Stain block

Prevent stains from returning and ruining your paint or wallpaper with one coat stain block

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Stain block One Coat Stain Block
  • Easy to apply and permanently stops stains
  • You just need to apply one coat
  • Ready to paint over in only four hours
  • Suitable for bare or previously painted walls and ceilings
  • Also available in a Quick Dry Aerosol
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Stain block Stain Block Aerosol
  • Easy to use and quick drying
  • Only requires two to three coats
  • No need for brushes so there’s nothing to clean up
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Stain block One Coat Stain Guard Clear Coat
  • Dries clear with a tough, scrubbable finish
  • Doesn’t discolour so your finish will look better for longer
  • Protects against spillages stains and marks
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe the marks away
  • Ideal for areas that are always getting dirty, marked or stained
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