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Expanding Foam Filler

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Perfect for any size hole and difficult to reach areas inside or outside your home. The trigger applicator is easy to use and reduces any excess so you won’t be left with a messy finish.

  • Repairs any size hole, big or small
  • More than doubles in size
  • Can be cut, sanded, plastered and painted
  • Dries in only one hour
  • Won’t shrink or crack
  • Suitable for wood, metal, glass and masonry
  • Insulates against heat, sound and moisture
  • Dry in 1 hour
  • Won't shrink or crack
  • Repairs any size hole

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Use on the following surfaces
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Masonry

1 colour available including:


How do I use it?


More than doubles in size


Spray on from the can

Where to use it?

Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.

How to use Expanding Foam Filler

Before you start

  1. Open doors and windows for added ventilation.
  2. Ensure the surface and hole is clean and free of grease and loose material.
  3. Cover furniture, carpets and surrounding areas and mask off any brickwork.

Never use tools on the valve and avoid bending it as this might cause accidental product release.


  1. Shake the can well for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Carefully screw the nozzle onto the valve.
  3. Moisten the surface with water.
  4. Hold the can upside down and start filling from the lowest point, shaking the can occasionally during use.
  5. Only fill half of the gap that needs filling – the foam will expand and take care of the rest.
  6. Once it’s dry, it can be easily cut, sanded, plastered or painted.


If the foam is going to be exposed to sunlight, it must be coated/painted over.           


Any spills or overflow and be cleaned up with nail polish remover.

Technical specification

Usage: Suitable in any size hole in indoor and outdoor wood, metal, glass and masonry.
Coverage: More than doubles in size to fill holes
Dry time: One hour
Colours: White
Finish: Matt
Durability: Flexible and can be cut, sanded, plastered and painted
Application: Spray on from the can
Size: 300ml, 500ml
VOC Very high

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