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Precision Finish Fence Sprayer


Spray a fence panel in less than four minutes with our Precision Finish Fence Sprayer. The two spray width settings let you accurately and quickly spray your fence, covering large areas and hard to reach places too.

  • Fast and accurate precision
  • Ready to use
  • Funnel neck for easy filling and decanting
  • A solid base with foot rest for stability when pumping
  • Clear indicator to see how full the sprayer is
  • Compatible with Fence Life products
  • Holds 5L
  • Holds 5L
  • Reduces work time

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Need to know

Sprayers get the job done up to five times faster than painting with a brush & it’s really easy to use. Watch our video to find out how.

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Quick tip

Spraying is easy. Hold the nozzle roughly 25cm away from the wood and keep a steady pace, painting 1.5 boards at a time.

Quick & easy

Paint up to 5 times faster

Holds 5 litres

An entire tub of paint

Suitable with

Fence Life range

How to use Precision Fence Sprayer

Before you start

Mask off any areas you don’t want to spray.

It goes without saying but don’t use the sprayer in windy weather. You’ll end up coating parts of your garden that you don’t want to and will have to clean it up!


  1. Push down the handle of the sprayer and rotate anti-clockwise until the pump pulls out.
  2. Pour the sprayable liquid into the tank.
  3. Once filled, screw the pump back in and turn the hand clockwise, make sure it’s tight.
  4. Place the sprayer on a flat surface.
  5. Pump the handle up and down.
  6. Pressurise the sprayer until the pressure release valve opens. You should hear a slight hissing noise.
  7. Hold the nozzle around 25cm away from the fence.
  8. Use long sweeping arm movements rather than short wrist movements.
  9. Move down the fence and overlap your previous spray by 50%. This will make sure the whole area is covered with the right amount of product.


Cleaning the sprayer

  1. Push the pump handle all the way down and lift the pressure release vale until you can no longer hear any hissing.
  2. Once the pressure has escaped, unscrew the pump unit and tip any leftover liquid back into its tub. You could also spray the excess liquid back into its container before releasing pressure. You should never dispose the stain into drains or watercourses. To find out how to properly dispose of the product, contact your local council.
  3. Rinse out the sprayer several times with clean water and refill with clean water. Pressurise again and spray it through the nozzle until the water runs clear – it’s best to do this on the speed setting.

Cleaning the wand filter, nozzle and nozzle filter

  1. To clean the wand, unscrew the handle from the trigger and clean the filter with clean water.
  2. Remove the nozzle and white filter and clean with warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush. Don’t use a sharp object as this will damage the nozzle and ruin the spray pattern.
  3. Put the nozzle back together. Take care to do this in the correct order.

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