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Wood care

Paints, varnish, wax, and oils to take care of your wooden furniture and interior wood

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Those knocks, scuffs and spills will damage your wooden doors, tables and furniture. Protect them and they’ll stay looking great for longer.

Wood paint

All of our paints are tough, durable & do exactly what they say on the tin. So whatever finish you want, we guarantee it'll last. Keeping your indoor wood looking its best for longer. So you won't have to redo it anytime soon!

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Wood varnish

Adds clear or coloured protection, without hiding the woods natural grain.

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Wood wax

Our Wax is lightly tinted and will leave your wood feeling natural. Gives Diamond Hard protection for your interior wood.

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Furniture paint

Our chalk paint transforms your furniture, cupboards and doors along with protecting against knocks or scruffs.

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Wood primer

We know this is the boring bit. But trust us, preparing your wood will help your paint stick and last longer. It'll also cover any bold colours or dark marks.

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Worktop oil

Our Oil nourishes the wood, but you'll need to use it more often to keep your wood protected.

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