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Ultra Tough Hardglaze Varnish


Wood that’s used a lot needs a lot of protection. Not only does this varnish protect against everyday knocks and scrapes, but it’s tough against chemicals, water and heat too. Long lasting protection with a clear and natural finish.

  • Tough polyurethane protection
  • Rich, clear and mellow finish
  • Perfect for wood that’s used a lot
  • Brings out the natural beauty of your wood
  • Brings out the natural beauty of wood
  • Tough polyurethane protection
  • Recoat in 6 hours

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Use for the following wood types
  • Interior wood
    Interior wood

1 colour available including:


How do I use it?

Number of coats

Three coats


Up to 7.5m2 per litre


Brush on

Use it on...

Interior wood excluding flooring

How to use Ultra Tough Varnish

Before you start

Make sure the room is warm and well ventilated. You might need to open a door or window.

You’ll need to sand your wood so wear a mask to protect yourself from the sawdust.

How to prepare your wood for varnishing

Thorough preparation means your varnish will have a smooth finish and will provide lasting protection.

  1. Remove wax, oil and grease from the surface using white spirit and a cloth.
  2. Give the surface a quick sand with 120 grit sandpaper to smooth it out. If your wood already has a coating, remove the sections that are cracked, peeling or flaking.


  1. Give your tin of varnish a thorough stir for a smooth consistency.
  2. Grab a brush and apply the varnish going in the direction of the grain. Wait six hours for your first coat to dry.
  3. Apply a second coat and wait another six hours.
  4. Before you apply the third and final coat, quickly sand the surface and wipe up the dust with a damp cloth. This will give you a great final finish.



Once your varnish is completely dry, cleaning your wooden surfaces is simple. Clean how you normally would and be sure to pay attention to any dirt or grit that could damage the surface.


If you notice some damage, just grab some sandpaper and sand the affected area. Apply three coats of varnish to the same spot and it’ll be good as new.

Technical Specification

Usage Interior wood excluding flooring
Coverage Up to 7.5m2 per litre
Dry time Two hours
Coat time Six hours
Number of coats Three


Finish Matt, satin and gloss
Durability Ultra tough protection
Application Brush
Sizes 0.25L, 0.75L, 2.5L
VOC High

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