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Laminate Floor Seal


Restore the shine back to your laminate flooring and protect it from daily wear and tear. Quick and easy to use, your floor will look good as new in no time at all.

  • Easy to apply – just spray and wipe
  • No need to add water
  • Covers small scratches and scuffs
  • Protects from daily wear
  • No need to add water
  • Dry in one hour

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Use on the following surfaces
  • Laminate flooring
    Laminate flooring

How do I use it?

Number of coats

Two to three coats


Use a cloth

How to seal laminate floor

Before you start

  1. Break out the vacuum cleaner and clean up dirt, dust and grit
  2. Clean the surface with Wood Floor Cleaner to get rid of any stains or tougher ingrained dirt
  3. If your floor has completely worn through to the backing boards, it might be time to replace it. Unfortunately we can’t work miracles.


  1. Give the bottle a good shake and dampen a pad or cloth with water
  2. Starting in the corner furthest from the door, gently squeeze the bottle onto the floor.
  3. Use your pad or cloth to smooth it out – leave a thin coat and don’t rub it in!
  4. Leave it to dry for an hour and then, if necessary, repeat the process a second time.


Simply reapply another layer whenever your floors are beginning to look in need of a little TLC.

Technical specification

Usage Interior
Dry time One hour
Coat time One hour
Number of coats 2-3
Colours Clear
Finish Satin
Application Cloth

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