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Ultimate Finish Decking Pad Kit

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Less time. Less hassle. The easy route to great looking decking. Our Decking Pad Kit provides tools to both clean and coat your deck and gets the job done up to five times faster than using a brush.

  • Up to 5x faster than using a brush
  • Cleans and coats your deck
  • Three different angle settings
  • Can be used as a handheld applicator head
  • Reaches into the grooves
  • Works with all Ronseal decking oils, stains and paints
  • Gives a great finish
  • Ready to use in under 1 minute
  • Includes 94cm extension pole

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Use on the following wood types
  • Softwood decking
    Softwood decking
  • Hardwood decking
    Hardwood decking

Need to know

Save yourself the backache and painty our deck 5x faster. Watch our video to find out how.

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Quick tip

The kit includes a cleaning pad and an applicator pad, both of which can be reused, cutting down on waste.


Paints decking 5x faster than a brush


Cleaning pad gets in all the nooks and crannies


Works with all our decking oils, stains and paints

How to use

How to use a decking applicator

Before you start

  1. Unbox and assemble your kit - this won't take long! Clip the soft-grip handle into the pad head and set the angle using the black button slider.
  2. Each section of the 5-piece extension pole slots into the next and is locked by twisting clockwise.
  3. Screw the pole into the soft-grip handle.
  4. Attach the best pad for the job you are about to do (TIP: it's a good idea to clean the deck before you coat it and leave a couple of days for it to properly dry).



  1. Our cleaning pad works perfectly with our Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver. Pour the Decking Cleaner & Reviver directly onto the deck
  2. Use the Decking Pad Kit with the cleaning pad attached to scrub the deck clean.
  3. Make sure you leave about 48 hours after cleaning before you apply new coatings.



  1. Use the green pad on any of our decking oils, stains or paints.
  2. Pour your oil, stain or paint into a tray and dip the pad in. Be careful not to completely submerge the pad, aim to dip no higher than the white foam part of the pad.
  3. On the first coat of your oil, stain or paint, push down firmly while you apply - this will help the pad follow the grooves of your decking.
  4. For the second coat, you won't need to push as firmly and the Decking Pad Kit will give a nice streak-free finish.


Both of the pads included with this kit can be cleaned and reused. Make sure you clean them out straight after use with warm, soapy water. If you've used this kit with Ronseal Nourishing Decking Oil then it's probably best to replace the pad rather than cleaning it out as warm, soapy water won't clean this oil off properly and white spirit may damage the pad. Replacement pads are available and sold separately.

Technical Specifications

Usage Ridged or smooth hardwood or softwood decking
Use with Any Ronseal decking oil, stain or paint
Pads included Blue cleaning pad and green coating pad
Replacement pads  Available as separate purchase

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