How to choose the right product for your decking

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When it comes to decking, you have several options for treating and protecting your wood. There is a wide range of products that can suit the look and provide the results you’re after including decking stain, decking oil, decking protector, and decking paint but which is best for your exterior project? We take a look at each of these decking products to help you make the right decision.

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Choosing the right product for your decking

  • Decking stain

Decking stain is designed to colour and protect your deck while allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through.

It gives a semi-transparent finish with a subtle sheen that helps to highlight the beauty of your wood. Decking stains come in a variety of colours and tones so you can create the perfect look for your outdoor space.

  • Decking oil

Decking oil nourishes and protects wooden decks from weather damage, fading UV rays, mildew, mould and excess moisture. It nourishes the wood to give it a natural finish that highlights its unique grain pattern.

Decking oil is ideal for those who want to show off the original beauty of their deck without masking it with an opaque colour.

Decking stain vs oil?

When choosing between decking stain or oil, it’s important to consider how much protection you need as well as the look that you want to achieve. Decking stain is better if you are looking for a coloured finish that allows the natural grain of your deck to show through while decking oil is best for bringing out the natural beauty of your wood without masking it with an opaque colour.

It’s important to bear in mind that decking oil won't provide the same level of protection as decking stain. So, if you need added protection from weather damage or UV rays, then decking stain is your best option.

  • Decking protector

Decking protector works with both ridged or smooth wooden decks to keep them looking great all year round. It helps protect against swelling and splitting, it also resists greying and provides both UV and waterproof protection as it is wax enriched.

This product will leave your deck as good as new by enhancing its natural colour, providing a matt translucent finish when applied.

  • Decking paint

Decking paint can be used to give a new lease of life to tired-looking decking. It’s designed to provide a strong, long-lasting finish on any type of wood and comes in a wide range of colours.

Decking paint is great for those who want the most dramatic change possible and don’t mind covering their deck with an opaque colour.


The decision between the decking products you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference and what look you want to achieve. Whether you want a subtle sheen that shows off your wood’s natural grain or total coverage with an opaque colour, Ronseal has all the right decking products for you, take a look in more detail by watching the video below.

Or for more tips on how to look after your decking to ensure it stays in tip-top shape all year round, check out our blog for guidance.

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