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Wall treatments

Once you've fixed the problem, stop it coming back with our range of paints.

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If you have damp, mould or stains, they're easier to repair than you might think. Get the problem sorted first, then stop it coming back with our paint range.

Anti mould

Prevent mould from developing in your kitchen and bathroom with our anti mould paint. It will stop mould from growing on walls or ceilings for up to 6 years!

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Stain block

Whether you want to hide a stain or protect your paint from future accidents, we've got it covered.

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Anti condensation

Prevent condensation build-up and mould running your walls and ceiling.

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Damp seal

Permanently put a stop to damp with as little as one coat.

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Our 3-in-1 Basecoat covers hairline cracks, bold colours and seals new plaster in just one coat.

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