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Quick Drying Decking Oil


Ronseal Quick Drying Decking Oil nourishes and protects your deck without taking all day to do it. The natural oils stop your deck splitting and greying, keeping it looking its best throughout the season. It's ready for the second coat in just 20 minutes.

  • Recoat in 20 minutes
  • Rainproof in 90 minutes
  • Nourishes the wood
  • Highlights the beauty of the grain
  • Highlights the beauty of the woodgrain
  • Rainproof in 90 minutes

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How much oil do I need?

Measure your area precisely, drop the numbers into this smart calculator and it will tell you straight away how many litres you'll need to complete your project.

Use for the following wood types
  • Softwood decking
    Softwood decking
  • Hardwood decking
    Hardwood decking

3 colours available including:
Natural Cedar

Natural Cedar

Natural Oak

Natural Oak



How to use Nourishing Decking Oil

Number of coats

2 coats


Up to 9.5m2 per litre


Brush or decking pad

How to oil your deck

Before you start

Before you start, choose a warm, dry day (above 10C) and clear the deck. Make sure your deck is completely dry.

New decks

  • Most new decks come with a bit of waterproofing protection. This could stop the oil from soaking in properly. To avoid this, give your new deck a good scrub with our Decking Cleaner & Reviver. Once scrubbed, throw some water on the deck and see if it beads. If it doesn't, it's ready for the oil. If it does, you'll have to clean it again until the water stops beading. Allow the wood to thoroughly dry before applying the oil. Make sure you waterproof any freshly cut deck ends using Ronseal Decking End Grain Protector

Untreated, Weathered & Grey Decks

  • Our decking oil will look much better on a nice clean deck, so use our Decking Restorer to take it back to its natural colour.

Previously Treated Decks

  • If your deck has been painted or stained, use our Decking Stripper to get it back to bare wood. If your deck has been previously oiled, don't try to cover a dark oil with a lighter colour. You'll need to strip it first using our Decking Stripper.


Decking Oil needs to be applied in dry conditions when the forecast is clear of rain and frost.

  1. Give the can a shake continuously for a couple of minutes.
  2. Pour the oil into a suitable container and dip in your brush or applicator pad.
  3. Check you're happy with the colour. Find a small, hidden patch of wood and try it. Remember, the shade label is only an indicator of the colour.
  4. Start in the furthest corner, brushing along the length of the boards. Work on 3-4 boards at a time so you don't get any overlap marks. You'll need to put on 2 coats.
  5. Leave 20 minutes between each coat.
  6. After 24 hours, you'll be able to get your furniture out and use the deck.


Clean Up

Wipe as much oil off your brush or pad as you can. Then wash it out in warm, soapy water. Don't empty any leftover oil into drains or watercourses. Your local authority may have special ways to get rid of unused oils.


Our Quick Drying Decking Oil will keep your deck protected and looking great all season long. When the colour begins to fade, simply clean the deck using Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver, leave the deck to dry and then recoat with your Quick Drying Decking Oil.

Technical specification

Usage Softwood and hardwood exterior decking
Coverage Up to 9.5m2 per litre
Dry time 90 Minutes
Coat time 20 Minutes
Number of coats 2
Colours Natural, Natural Cedar, Natural Oak
Finish Matt
Durability Protects decking from rain and sunshine
Application Brush or Decking Pad
Base Solvent

2.5L, 5L



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