Upcycle your garden furniture

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If your garden furniture has become a permanent home for spiders or the colour is so faded you’ve forgotten what it used to look like – it might be time for a makeover. Whether you want to fake it until you make it or have set aside a weekend to do a thorough job, here are some simple ways you can upcycle your garden furniture.

Highlight the wood’s natural colour

By oiling or staining your furniture, you can nourish the wood whilst adding a natural colour. Our hardwood furniture oil is great if you want to bring out the natural colour of your wood and will have it looking great in just two hours.

Our Furniture Stain works in a similar way but with extra protection against the sun and rain. Our stains are rainproof in just one hour and add a rich colour to your wood. It’s perfect if your wooden garden furniture is in need of some extra TLC and the colour will last three years so you don’t have to keep doing it every summer.

Or try a colour that’s bright and bold!

Adding a pop of colour to your garden furniture can turn it into the focal point of your outdoor area. If you’re short on space it can add a playful touch and brighten up even the smallest of gardens.

You could choose a nautical theme, pair the colour with the flowers in your garden, or if you’re feeling bold you could try out a pattern.

We’ve got 24 colours for you to choose from in our Garden Paint range, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your style. Plus, all our paint is waterproof and is rainproof in just one hour!

Experiment with fabric

This might be a bit of a cheat, but fabric can hide a multitude of sins. A draped tablecloth across a tired old table or some brand-new chair cushions can help to transform your furniture from shabby to chic.

Just remember to bring everything that isn’t waterproof indoors when the rain comes!