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We all have a piece of furniture that’s seen better days. But we may not be able to afford to get rid of it - so how can you rejuvenate it instead?

Sometimes the simplest approach is the best. And you might be surprised at the difference a new coat of wood varnish will make to a tired table. Just 2 coats coat of our Interior Varnish can brighten up interior furniture no end. It’ll be touch-dry in a speedy 20 minutes.

Alternatively, if you have little more time, or if there is old varnish, simply sand the wooden table, wipe it clean of dust with a damp cloth and re-coat. You only need to wait an hour in between applying coats. It comes in 15 shades, from Deep Mahogany to White Ash, so there’s a hue to suit your taste.

If you fancy a change from wood grain, here’s a smart but simple method of rejuvenating a table to colourful effect. It only needs some complementary wallpaper, a sharp knife and wallpaper paste. The effect makes a big change. The paper will bring character and colour, and it’ll add a new texture to the room.

There are a variety of simple, modern and colourful ideas for brightening up an old favourite. And these ideas aren't just satisfying projects — up-cycling old furniture makes good environmental and financial sense too.

You can bring an attractive old country cottage feel to your indoor furniture with some clever use of chalk paint. This video shows how easy it is to give your woodwork a shabby chic style. After painting and sanding down the wood surface, it’ll take on a stylish old-fashioned look.

The Interior Wax protects against scratches and scuffs and leaves the wood looking and feeling natural. It’s really easy too — just brush it on and leave it to dry. It’ll only take 20 minutes and it’s touch dry. There are eight sophisticated tones that enrich the wood’s appearance and give it colour.

If you've got a project in mind for the winter months, check out our full range of home interior products.


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