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We all love spending time in the great outdoors, and what better way to enjoy it than by creating a beautiful yet functional garden? With so many colours available, making your outdoor space an attractive one can seem like a daunting task, but we have some colour garden ideas that will make your garden look more colourful and inviting.

How can I make my garden more colourful?

Making a garden more colourful doesn't have to be complicated.

To start, all you need are some bright and vibrant flowers like begonias or petunias, and then just let your creativity take over! If you don’t want to fill your entire garden with flowers, you can also add colourful outdoor furniture and decorative items like bird baths, wind chimes or hanging lights.

Another easy way to instantly make your garden more colourful is by using the Ronseal Xactly range to give your decking, fences, sheds, walls, furniture and exterior wood a bold new lease of life. Our Xactly Exterior and Xactly Decking ranges give you a choice of 50 colours to pick from as well as two different paint finishes.

1. Brighten your garden with flowers

Adding a few bright blooms to your garden is an easy way to add colour and texture. Plant some petunias, begonias or dahlias in pots around the patio or even plant them directly into flower beds, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes!

Tip: If you're short on garden space, why not try vertical gardening?

2. Get creative with outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can instantly transform your garden into a beautiful oasis and it doesn’t have to be boring either! Why not paint a bench or chair in a vibrant colour or go for bright patterned cushions to add an extra element of colour?

You can also choose items that come in a variety of colours such as outdoor swings, hammocks or even colourful patio parasols.


3. Try planting container gardens

Container gardening is one of the best ways to make your garden more vibrant and colourful. All you need are some pots with drainage holes and you can fill them with a variety of flowers, herbs or even vegetables. Plant some bright blooms in one pot and some herbs in another for contrasting colours, that are still bold and fresh.


4. Decorative items

Adding decorative items such as bird baths, wind chimes or hanging lights is also an easy way to instantly add colour to your garden. Choose pieces that are in vibrant hues and match the overall style of your outdoor space for maximum effect.


Credit: @ournineteenfiftiesreno_

Credit: @ournineteenfiftiesreno_

5. Paint a fence

A colourful fence is an easy way to make your garden pop. Try painting it in bright shades like yellow, pink or blue, or you can even mix different colours to create a unique look!

If you want to enhance the natural beauty of your wooden fence, you can use a wood stain from the Ronseal Xactly range to spruce it up, it’s quick and easy to apply and will protect your wooden fence panels for up to 10 years.


6. Plant flowering shrubs

Flowering shrubs are an easy way to add colour to your garden without having to worry about maintenance. Plant some hydrangeas, rhododendrons or even rose bushes for a beautiful bloom of colour throughout the year.


7. Go for brightly coloured paths

Paths are an often overlooked way to add colour to your garden but they don’t have to be dull! Choose brightly coloured tiles or stones such as terracotta or slate for a unique and vibrant look. You can also create a mosaic path with larger stones or pebbles to make your garden truly stand out.

Credit: @renovation_44

Credit: @renovation_44

8. Add some art

Adding some artwork to your outdoor space can quickly transform it into an oasis of creativity. Try placing a colourful sculpture in the corner or hanging up some bright pieces of art on the fence. You can also paint some rocks in vibrant colours and place them around the garden for a unique and eye-catching look.

Tip: For more ideas on how you can decorate your garden fence, please take a look at our guide for more inspiration


9. Plant trees

Choosing brightly coloured varieties of trees such as Japanese maple, cherry blossom or dogwood tree can add a colourful and sophisticated note to your garden. They will also provide shade and may even attract wildlife into your garden.


10. Use bright planters

Planters are a great way to add colour and texture to your garden without the hassle of planting directly into the ground. Choose brightly coloured pots or upcycle some old buckets to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables for an instant pop of colour.


Remember, creating a colourful garden is all about having fun and experimenting with different colours and textures. With these ideas and Ronseal garden products, you'll be able to create a space that is vibrant, inviting and full of personality!

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