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Offering outdoor living space with minimal upkeep, patios are a great addition to any garden.

From paving and brickwork to pebbles and gravel, patios come in all shapes, styles and sizes. They’re practical and versatile. And with just a few simple touches and a little TLC, they can be completely transformed to extend your home.

From outdoor bars to cosy corners, there are so many great patio design ideas out there. You just have to find the right fit for you. Whether you’re into eating in the open, socialising in the sun or sitting under the stars, a patio is a creative canvas ready to customise.

Garden patio design ideas

Here, we share some of our favourite garden patio design ideas for making the most of your space.

  1. Kids’ corner

Fancy keeping the house kid and clutter-free for 10 minutes? Try transforming your patio into a creative kids’ corner. From craft time to sensory play, patios make a great home for lots of activities. Children get the fresh air they need, whilst adults get the breather they deserve too. It’s a win-win situation.

To keep your corner fresh and fun, try using Ronseal Garden Paint to introduce colour and spark little imaginations. Shades such as Cool Breeze and Pink Jasmine are perfect for this. Garden Paint can also be used on everything from flowerpots to furniture so you have lots of spaces to play with. It will also offer protection from the elements. Throw in some gardening tools, toys and sensory flowers and you’ll enjoy hours of outdoor fun. 

2. Room to relax

Creator - @livingatnumberfourteen

If rest and relaxation is more your vibe, patios can make a great space to sit back and enjoy the sounds of the great outdoors. Start by creating a light and airy scene by coating your fence panels with a soft stone or light grey neutral. Our Fence Life Plus in Warm Stone is a great option. It will brighten the area, making it feel more spacious and giving a sense of serenity. Combining this with light paving will also help bounce light around.

Be sure to decorate the area with plenty of greenery and plants. Furniture and decorations featuring natural fibres will also add to the look. Try seagrass rugs, wicker chairs or rope-wrapped vases to create the outdoor lounge feel. 

3. Layering your look

Creator - @athomewithamyandh

One of the best parts of creating a patio space is sitting back to admire the view. Whether you do that from a hot tub, sofa or swing chair is up to you of course. The area you look out on is also yours to style.

Creating layers in your garden is a great way to add interest and order.

Start by creating a focal point at the back of your garden to help draw your eye to the horizon. You can create this in many ways such as interesting structures or a pop of colour in a contrasting shade. Here, a grey shed adds an element of interest. Ronseal’s Fence Life Plus can be used on sheds to add colour and protection and offers a range of eye-catching shades.

A nice, lush lawn will add vibrancy to your mid-layer. Planters or low-rise walls can then be used to section off the patio area without dominating or obstructing the scene. 

4. Bare grills

Creator - @four_on_the_vale

A simple but sociable patio design idea is to create an outdoor grilling area. Keeping the area clean and fuss free will ensure the focus is on the right element - food. It will also give the chef space to work.

Adding furniture with clean lines will add form and function. Keep yours clean between meals and seasons with our Garden Furniture Cleaner. A few flowerpots or touches of topiary will then complete the look, whilst being easy to move should you need more space for entertaining. 

5. Calm and comfortable

Creator - @shelley_cottage 

Adding textures is a great way to transform your patio into a calm and comfortable haven. Natural earthy tones such as sand, stone and terracotta make a relaxed base to tie the space together. Comfortable seating and a parasol will make the area even more inviting, providing shade and space to sit back.

With your foundation set, use trellis to cover your fence panels adding interest and a frame for greenery to grow. Finish the look with a rug that complements the tone of your paving and a few small tables to rest your glass.

6. Exotic evenings

Creator - @redrow_marlow_bridgewater

With deep blues, spicy reds and warm woods, you can create an exotic escape in your own backyard.

This garden patio design idea is all about appealing to your senses. Enjoy sun baked evenings surrounded with colour and pattern. Fragrant herbs such as mint and rosemary will add to the ambience and can be easily potted up for your patio. Layer seating with textiles in teals, blues, magenta or burnt yellows. These will add comfort and can be easily switched out if you decide to update your theme at a later time. Add shade to your pergola with draped fabric.

To make more of the mood, try a dramatic black backdrop with hanging lanterns or fairy lights. Our One Coat Fence Life comes in Tudor Black and can protect your wood from weather and greying in just one coat. 

7. Outdoor workstation

If you’re the green-fingered type, installing an outdoor workstation on your patio is a gamechanger. Having a dedicated area to store and organise your tools, soil and shrubs will not only make life easier but looks great too.

Once you have your station set out, paint and protect it with our Garden Paint. From Cherry Blossom pinks that pop in spring to more autumnal tones like Willow or Purple Berry, there are lots of colours to choose from. So, you can update your space to fit the seasons and all the colourful cues they bring.  

8. Alfresco dining

Lots of us enjoy eating outdoors but cooking al fresco can be just as uplifting. Providing plenty of fresh air and a practical platform, patios make a handy home for an outdoor kitchen.

Choose a cupboard unit that will give you suitable storage and a surface for food preparation. Hanging a row of hooks on your fence will give you extra space for utensils. If you’re looking for a minimal look, treat your fittings with paint that matches your fence. Otherwise, make it a feature with a contrasting pop of colour.

9. Bring me sunshine

Going outdoors is often associated with enjoying the sun. But not every patio is perfectly placed to deliver this throughout the day. If your patio isn’t always the suntrap you’re after, there are other ways you can lift the space. Choose your colours and materials wisely and you can bring a dose of sun and fun into even the shadiest of settings.

Treating old brickwork, mismatched fences or surrounding outbuildings with a fresh white paint will give you a bright base and a feeling of continuity. Use light gravel or stone details to transform a dark and dingy floor. And, when choosing furniture, opt for light-bouncing metal, bright colours and lighter frames. A small table and stools that allow your eye to see through them will feel less obtrusive and cast smaller shadows. Painting the set yellow will enrich the area even further. 

10. Wonder walls 

For those working with smaller patios, using the surrounding walls or fences can be a great way to make the most of your space. Storage is a great option, especially for those lacking a shed.

To get this look, freshen up the area with a coat of light coloured Garden Paint. This will make your items easier to find as well as giving an interior feeling to an exterior wall.

Wire racks, pegboards, shelves and hooks can all easily be secured and make great storage options. 

11. Flower power

Creator - @beauteous.bungalow

Garden patio design ideas can come from anywhere. But what better source of inspiration than the garden itself? 

Using floral prints and splashes of colour will bring real personality to your patio. Vibrant pinks, blues and yellows will look all the brighter against a fresh white wall. Furniture can also be given a new lease of life with a coat of Garden Paint.

12. Clever zoning

Creator - @make.ahouseyourhome

When working with a full-length patio, use furniture to create zones and break up the space. This will give a better flow to the garden and create dedicated areas from which to eat, socialise and relax.

Levels, layers and using a mixture of colours and materials will also add balance and interest to a large space. To bring the area back together again, paint your fence and wooden facias in a matching shade such as One Coat Fence Life in Medium Oak.

13. Picture perfect framing

Creator - @myvictorianjourney

The fence you use to frame your patio can really change the look and feel of your space. Low walls provide lots of light but they can lack privacy and a sense of feeling enclosed and secure.

Extending your boundary with trellis fencing in a bold colour is a great way to strike a balance. It will create a cosy feel without losing the views and light you once enjoyed. Once you’ve marked out your area, dressing it with a wicker lounge set, candles and soft throws will make it all the more inviting. 

14. Bold in blue

Blue has long been used in interior design for its depth and calming quality. But it can also be used to bring peace to your patio.

If you’re feeling bold, try painting an entire wall, furniture set or shed in blue. Those looking for a lighter touch can treat smaller areas instead, like plant pots, throw cushions or plants like hydrangeas.

So there you have it, 14 garden patio design ideas to help give purpose to your patios. From big and bold transformations to simple and subtle changes, there are so many ways you can tailor your space. Why not give it a try and open up your outdoors? Before you do, if you’d like more information on how best to use Ronseal Garden Paint or more advice on the best paint for exterior wood, please check out our informative guides.

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