Preparing your garden for spring

For garden

Getting your garden ready for Spring can seem overwhelming, but here are 10 simple steps to help you make the most of this season and have a beautiful garden for the remainder of the warmer months! If you want to create a stunning outdoor space that will stay vibrant and beautiful through the spring and beyond, follow these top tips from prepping soil to refreshing your fence.

When should I start to prepare my garden for spring?

If you're thinking about getting your garden ready for spring, it's important to start preparing early. You don't want to be caught out when the warmer weather arrives! We recommend getting started at the beginning of March when the soil is starting to thaw and the days are getting longer. By taking these steps to prepare a little earlier, you'll give yourself a head start when it comes to planting and enjoying your beautiful garden in spring.

Where to start when prepping your garden for spring

1. Clear out your garden

Get rid of any weeds, leaves, and branches that don't belong. This will create more space for you to work with in preparation for the spring season. Not only that, it'll give your garden a fresh start!

2. Refresh mulch

Mulch helps protect plants from extreme temperatures and keeps the soil moist and cool during hot days in spring and summer. Adding a layer of fresh mulch over existing beds will improve moisture retention and reduce weed growth.

3. Prune trees & shrubs

Cut back overgrown branches or stems that don’t enhance the look of your garden. Pruning will also help encourage new growth and blooms in spring.

4. Plant flowers

Add some colour to your garden with a variety of beautiful blooms. Choose from perennials, annuals, or even mix and match for an interesting design. However, make sure you plant according to the season for maximum flowering potential come summertime! For more tips on getting your garden summer ready, take a look at our handy guide.

5. Install water features

If you’re feeling ambitious, why not install a pond or fountain? Water features are great conversation starters and create a peaceful atmosphere in any garden space.

6. Spruce up your fence

A fresh coat of paint on an old fence can make all the difference when preparing your garden for spring. Then after you've painted, there are many ways to decorate your fence to take the transformation one step further - think suspended planters and living walls!

7. Add some lights

Enhance your garden at night with exterior lighting. Install lights along walkways, around trees or flower beds, or even in ponds or fountains for an enchanting look after dark.

8. Plant edibles

If you’ve been inspired to grow your own food this spring, get started by planting a variety of vegetables and herbs. This is an excellent way to enjoy fresh produce at home and save money at the supermarket.

9. Feed your soil

Now is the perfect time to add organic matter, such as compost, to enrich your soil’s nutrients. This will give plants better access to water and oxygen which leads to larger yields when harvesting in the autumn and winter months.

10. Put up bird boxes

Attract feathered friends to your garden by putting up birdhouses in trees or shrubs providing shelter and nesting areas for them to raise their young. You can also set out feeders with the types of food that birds love such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, or millet. If you're feeling creative then why not create your own bird box?


These 10 tips for preparing your garden for spring are sure to give your garden an extra boost of life. If you're looking to revamp other areas of the garden with a fresh lick of paint then we recommend opting for our versatile garden paint that can be used on wood, brick, terracotta, metal and stone. Enjoy preparing your garden for the new season ahead!