Episode 3

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Episode 3

The Hanifs’ Garden.

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It may have been little, but our team had big plans for the Hanifs’ garden. The family wanted to create a forest school environment in their own backyard – an educational place for their children to spend time and learn about nature. Our experts transformed the existing shed into an interactive classroom, fronted by a wildlife palace including a bug hotel, bird house and hedgehog home. Poppy filled the garden with luscious plants, created a wildlife pond and even a wicking bed – that’s a self-watering raised bed to you and I. Bruce meanwhile built a ‘medicine cabinet’ filled with medicinal herbs. Leaving this terraced home with an amazing garden full of magic and intrigue.

Got a small garden? No worries. Joel and the rest of the team will have you reaching for the paintbrush after showing you how to transform even the smallest of spaces.

Episode 4
Karen and James’s Garden