Episode 2

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Episode 2

The Barnes’ Garden.


The Barnes’ Garden was all about taking a walk on the wild side. Borders were jam packed with free-flowing planting as Poppy made great use of ornamental grasses, wild carrots and existing plants like Foxgloves. She even introduced us to no-dig beds, a revolutionary method which allows you to plant without disturbing the earth.  Joel meanwhile built his BBQ area by upcycling old York stone found around the garden. Connecting it to the dining area via a beautiful oak bar top, ideal for summer get togethers. As was the decking and dining table – complete with inbuilt herb garden – made by Bruce. 

In this video, Bruce will show you just how easy it is to protect your deck against weather and wear. Keeping it in mint condition, for longer.

Episode 3
The Hanifs’ Garden.