Refresh your bathroom and kitchen tiles

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Bathroom and kitchen tiles can become dirty and worn looking after a while, but here at Ronseal, we  have a few ways that you can improve and refresh the tiles in your home. It might not be exciting, but they’ll save you money and give you an easy update or freshen up.

Add some colour

Give your tiles an update with one of the 13 colours in our One Coat Tile Paint range, leaving you spoilt for choice. The paint is waterproof and mould resistant, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom spaces. And with colours ranging from white to red rose , you can mix and match however you like.


Re-define your grouting

After painting your tiles, you can redefine your grout lines using our quick and easy Grout Pen. Not only does it take just one coat, but it is also waterproof and mould resistant, so won’t take up hours of your time.


Add some fun stencils to the tiles

Decorate your tiles or give tiled areas different themes with some stencils. Simply stick the stencil over a tile with some tape and use tile paint to go over. Use shapes like leaves and acorns for a nature theme, or boats and shells for a nautical style – perfect for the bathroom.


Remove grout stains

Grout stains can be tough to remove, but Ronseal Grout Cleaner is stronger than bleach with an equally tough brush. Get rid of stains caused by mould and limescale and give new life to your bathroom grouting.

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