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Decking Cleaner and Reviver

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Ideal for cleaning old decking and preparing new wood, our Decking Cleaner and Reviver will have your decking looking good as new in no time at all. It opens the pores of the wood so your oil or stain will adhere and leave you with a longer lasting finish.

  • Brings your wood back to its natural appearance
  • Cleans and revives weathered decking
  • Can act as a general cleaner to brighten decking
  • Removes mould and algae
  • Fast acting – you don’t have to wait to start cleaning
  • Suitable for all types of decking
  • Helps your oil or stain last longer
  • Can be used over oil or stain
  • Removes mould and algea
  • Cleans and revives old decking
  • Fast acting takes less time to clean
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Coverage Calculator

How much cleaner and reviver do I need?

Measure your area precisely, drop the numbers into this smart calculator and it will tell you straight away how many litres you'll need to complete your project.

Use for the following wood types
  • Softwood decking
    Softwood decking
  • Hardwood decking
    Hardwood decking

Can be used on both ridged or smooth wood.

How do I use it?

Number of coats

One coat


Up to 24m2 per five litres


Pour straight on the deck

How to clean your decking

Before you start

  1. Clear your deck and remove furniture and clutter.
  2. Clean debris and accumulations of moss, mould and algae using a stiff brush.
  3. Protect the surrounding plants or grass with a dust sheet.

Decking Cleaner & Reviver may remove partially deteriorated coatings.


Be careful! Your decking might become slippery during cleaning.

  1. Pour the Decking Cleaner & Reviver directly onto your decking.
  2. Use a stiff brush and scrub the surface.
  3. Leave it alone for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Use a pressure washer to wash off the cleaner and remove dirt. Work from one end of a decking board to the other in one continuous motion.
  5. If you don’t have a pressure washer, scrub the surface with a stiff brush and hose it down.
  6. Make sure you remove all cleaning residue for the best results.



If any Decking Cleaner comes into contact with surrounding grass or plants, rinse them thoroughly with water.

Don’t allow undiluted product to enter drains or watercourses. For information on how to properly dispose of your cleaner, get in contact with your local council.

Technical Specifications

Usage Ridged or smooth hardwood and softwood decking
Coverage Up to 24m2 per five litres
Dry time One to two days
Coat time 15-20 minutes
Number of coats One
Durability Cleans and revives old decking
Application Pour straight on the deck
Size 5L

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