How to rescue your old deck

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If your deck is looking a bit worse for wear, you don’t need to replace it. Rescue it! Our Decking Paint fills in small cracks and covers grey wood, making your deck look as good as new. A good clean and a couple coats of paint is all it takes to give your deck a new look.

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What is the best paint for old decking?

The paint or stain you use depends on the quality of your decking.

Unless your decking is rotten through and through, no decking is past saving.

Stains are best if your decking is a couple of years old and the colour is fading. Paint is best for older decking that needs a TLC and has the added bonus of an injection of healthy colour. And finally, oil is best if your decking is greying and needs nourishing.   

Clean your decking

For the best results, your decking needs to be clean and clear.

Use a stiff brush to give the decking a good scrub. This will get rid of any dirt or loose bits of wood.

Hose it down with water or a jet wash to clean it up.

For really dirty deckings, our Decking Cleaner and Reviver does all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is hose it down.

Let your deck dry fully before painting.

Apply your paint

For the sake of this guide, we're going to talk about decking paint.

Make sure you give the paint a really good stir before you start. Find a hidden area and test the colour here to make sure that you're happy with it.

Start in the furthest corner and get loads of paint on your brush. Work along the length of the boards painting 3-4 boards at a time to avoid overlap marks.

Put some extra paint over any splits or cracks.

You'll need to put on 2 coats to get the best finish and protection.

Leave 4 hours between each coat and 48 hours before you use it.

Make sure you put loads on, then just leave it to do the hard work for you.

That's it, job done.

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