Ten white garden ideas

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If you’re in the market for white garden ideas, you’re certainly not alone.

This monochrome garden makeover has enjoyed iconic status for many years and the trend continues to grow in popularity. Serene and clean, a white garden design can bring a sense of calm to any property. It’s also an incredibly eye-catching look.

So, what’s the best way to use white in your garden? If you’re wanting high impact, fill it exclusively with white flowers and furniture. For a more subtle style statement, you can focus on just a few white elements that suit your space.

Whether it’s through features or fencing, you can embrace the white garden trend in all sorts of ways. Check out our list of white garden ideas below for inspiration.

White garden design tips and ideas


1. Focal features 

                     Credit: @making_a_home­­_

White is a very welcoming colour.  So, what better way to celebrate this quality than using it to create a dedicated social setting or focal feature? Here, a garden bar has been treated with Daisy Garden Paint and draped white floral decorations.


Top tip: decorating your bar with a white neon light and lanterns will ensure you can enjoy it long into the evening.


2. Decking detail 

            Credit: @the_grey_residence_no_4

When exploring decking treatments, it can be tempting to go for a darker paint or stain. However, a white or cream deck should not be overlooked. Lighter decks will add warmth and opulence to a white garden design. To keep yours in top condition, opt for a product with protection such as our Ultimate Protection Decking Paint in Warm Stone.

Top tip: make your decking area even more inviting with an outdoor rug. It will add to the cosy, comforting vibe whilst also protecting your decking.


3. Touches of texture


One of the secrets to a successful white garden design is texture. When you’re focusing on just one core colour, it’s important to add interest and variety in other areas. You can do this through plant choices, surface finishes, materials and textiles. Here, white pebbles in a range of shapes and sizes are teamed with cosy cushions and throws to elevate the area.


Top tip: keep some contrast in your white garden design with lush areas of foliage and fences in earthy tones.


 4. Powerful planting 

               Credit: @shelley_cottage

Using white flowers in your garden, and complimentary foliage, will give you an uplifting and uncomplicated look.

If space is tight, opt for vertical planting options such as an iceberg rose that can climb a trellis. But if you have more room to play with, pack an area with plants in different shapes and heights. From tall foxtail lilies to low-lying forget-me-nots, there are so many species to choose from.


Top tip: to keep your white garden looking its best, deadhead any browning blossoms and stagger species that will bloom throughout the year.


5. Light and low maintenance 

                               Credit: @Ronseal

Looking for low maintenance white garden design ideas? If you’re not the most confident or committed of gardeners, consider painting your walls. This will inject lots of white and light into your garden. Our Garden paint is perfect for protecting and refreshing old brickwork, pebble dash and more.


Top tip: If you’re mixing neutral shades in your garden, try and group them by their undertones and temperature to tie your design together. Whites and silvers will sit well within a cool design whereas ecrus, creams and stones work together as warmer tones.


6. Symmetrical styling 

                                         Credit: @Ronseal

If you enjoy the simplicity and elegance that white offers, you may want to experiment with symmetry in your white garden design. Keeping to a more minimalistic look, place a feature in a central spot and then mirror small details on either side of your design.

Top tip: placing a lantern or fire pit at the centre of an open space will create a social hub that draws people in. Add seating, cushions and a tray of your favourite tipple for a perfect evening outdoors.


7. Refresh your furniture 

                                   Credit: @Ronseal

Before you rush out to buy new furniture for your white garden design, think about upcycling.

Our Garden Paint is available in 29 colours, including White Ash, Daisy and Elderflower. It can be used on everything from wood to metal. And it protects against weathering. It’s the perfect pick for giving old furniture a new lease of life.


Top tip: to add even more cohesion to your look, use Garden Paint on your plant pots and garden decorations to bring them into your colour scheme.


8. Serene shelters 

                                  Credit: @Ronseal

Make the most of your white garden design by installing a gazebo or covered seating. That way, you can enjoy the new views come rain or shine.

An open style structure is a great choice for shorter gardens as it allows the eye to see through to other details. Set against contrasting colours and textures, it’ll add more white touches to enjoy without blocking the landscape.


Top tip: integrate your seating installations within your design by planting shrubs and grasses at the base.


9. Brighter boundaries 10. Pops of colour

                                 Credit: @the.wanders.of.willow

Sheds and fencing make an ideal canvas for a wash of white in your garden. Brighter boundaries give your design an unexpected and eye-catching twist. They’ll also help bounce light around your garden too.


Top tip: Use a specialist product like our Fence Life Plus in Warm Stone to get this look and help protect against rain, snow, frost and UV damage.


10. Pops of colour

Ok, so traditionally a white garden design doesn’t tend to include many other colours. But if the thought of an all-white landscape doesn’t appeal to you, you do have options.

White is a versatile shade that goes with almost any other colour.  Adding hints of other hues in planters or fencing provides moments of contrast. It’s also a great way to echo your interior palette in your outdoor space. Here, Garden Paint in Peacock is used to break up the white space.


Top tip: topiary works well in most white garden designs, adding moments of structure and shape to an overall softer look.


No matter where or how it’s used, white is uplifting, illuminating and can really open up your outdoor areas. It’s also very versatile, featuring in everything from Mediterranean designs to more traditional landscaping looks. 

Check out our collection of garden design ideas to explore even more ways to introduce colour and character in your home.