How to use Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate

With just one small pouch, give your fence or shed the ultimate protection with our longest lasting formula.

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First, mix your paint


Snip corner and empty liquid into a bucket.


Cut along on the second line.


Fill pouch with water to the 'water fill line' mark and pour the water into the bucket. Do this four times.


Stir bucket until colour is consistent.

That's it, you're ready to paint!


Get ready to paint your fence or shed


If you're applying to damp wood, make sure the wood has been drying for at least 5 hours before painting.
Make sure it's a warm, dry day (above 10°C). Clean the wood with a stiff brush to get rid of any dirt. If you're spraying it on, always read the sprayer instructions first.
Check you're happy with the colour, find a small hidden patch of wood and try it on first.


With a brush
Get loads of Ultimate Fence Life on your brush. Put a thick coat on and if you see any drips, brush them in.

With a sprayer
Pour the liquid into the tank. Pump it up or turn it on and start spraying. When spraying use long, sweeping, horizontal arm movements. Move along the full length of the panel, drop down and do the same again. Overlap by 50% with each pass. This will make sure the whole area is covered with the correct amount of product.

You'll need 2 coats but, if your wood is very weathered, you may need another coat. Leave 4 hours between coats.

Clean up

Take as much product as possible off your brush and then clean it in warm, soapy water.
If you've used a sprayer, follow the clean up instructions in the sprayer instruction manual.

Don't empty any Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate into drains or watercourses. Your local authority may have special ways to get rid of waste product.


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