Ronseal One Coat Cupboard Paint

Our One Coat Cupboard & Melamine Paint will transform your cupboards and interior wood in one quick and easy application. Our super smooth formula is ideal for use on kitchen cupboards, drawers, interior doors, skirting boards and bedroom furniture, leaving a long lasting, water resistant finish.

Before You Start

Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. Sand down the surface and wipe with white spirit and a lint free cloth. Remember to wear a face mask. Open your doors and windows for ventilation. 

Using Your Cupboard Paint

Give the tin a good stir before you start. Apply one coat and finish in a vertical direction. 

A second coat may be required if attempting to cover an existing strong colour or if applying to an extremely porous surface. Leave 24 hours between each coat. 

Usage Areas: Interior wood such as cupboards, drawers, shelving and bedroom furniture.
Compatibility: Bare and previously painted wood.
Clean Up: Clean all brushes in white spirit or brush cleaner.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors
Cupboard Doors.png
Smooth Planed Wood.png
Satin and Gloss
Drying time
2 Hours

It takes no time at all

Your surface area

Product reviews

Cover a melamine kitchen by Maryann

I covered some older fashioned white melamine units with the slate grey paint. I took off all handles and the drawer fronts but painted the cupboards hung as it was easier. In the intricate part i used a brush which i must admit didnt cover without some brush marks, but just added more paint to thicken and get a good coverage. I then used a small gloss roller for the flat part (main area) of the cupboards and this had a much better coverage. I am pleased with the final results and saved me a lot of money in replacing cupboard doors

Date submitted by: 16 February 2017

Don't panic by Lorna

Like many of the reviews here i experienced terrible problems when applying the 2nd coat of cupboard paint. It was thick and lumpy I tried both brush and a tiny roller but no joy. It didn't say anything on the tin about thinning the paint so I rang technical services and asked if it can be thinned and low and behold you can think with white spirit but not more than 10%. Have now thinned and applied with a sponge roller and they look very good. As I'd painted 8 off out of 16! I was very relieved.

Date submitted by: 04 February 2017

Much easier than i thought by Lovely finish

My Melamine cupboards were looking a bit shabby so off i went. I took all the doors off and gave them a light sand and washed them down with sugar soap wipes then applied the paint with a gloss roller whilst the doors eere flat. All the roller/brush marks quickly vanished. Very pleased!!! Am considering doing the utility room next.

Date submitted by: 06 November 2016

Does what it says easily and effortlessly! by Excellent

I was going to use annie sloan chalk paint to breathe new life into my new kitchen but thought I would check this out too and tested on a piece of wood. I went for this because it creates a fabulous finish and brush strokes just disappear as you paint. basically its extremely easy to use goes on like a dream and looks stunning. i'm the worlds worst painter and couldn't have imagined getting such great results. its not for one coat though, do two coats, think the first down with 10% white spirit and apply on a lightly sanded service. for really great results lightly sand between coats and for super speed use a mini roller. a really quick and inexpensive way to get a new kitchen and highly recommended!!!!!!

Date submitted by: 27 October 2016

Fantastic product by Happy painter

Read some of the reviews and was a bit worried about using this paint but as it was the only make to have mellow green I decided to try it. Couldn't be happier. The kitchen cupboards were quite dark wood so needed two coats. The first coat LOOKED a little disappointing, you could see brush strokes but after the second coat the doors and drawers looked amazing. We have had LOADS of compliments and it has given our daughter and son in law the confidence to do theirs.

Date submitted by: 20 October 2016

great product by FABULOUS RESULTS

After reading review about this paint I decided to try it for myself. I still thought it couldn't produce the results it did and thought what if I start and don't like it. Well I am a total convert my kitchen looks amazing. I chose the glossy grey I cannot believe the results fantastic. If you have any doubts don't. Give it a try you will not be sorry. I wished I had tried it months ago.

Date submitted by: 07 October 2016

Excellent product did what it said on the tin by Brilliant

After reading the mixed reviews i was a bit nervous. But there was no need. Followed instructions and got a perfect result. Used granite grey satin on wooden kitchen doors and melamine panels worked btilliantly on both

Date submitted by: 12 July 2016

fabulous by anne

I painted 19 doors 7 drawer fronts and 5 side panels along with one shelf unit and the cupboard edge trims I lightly hand sanded my solid oak units then used a good primer giving two coats then two coats of the paint followed by a wax rub Fantastic result i am astonished I used a cupboard gloss roller and pure bristle angled paint brush. the paint went on over the primer with the roller and brush like a dream with a proffesional finish Dont worry if you get little air bubbles the paint is fabulous and they dissapear like magic Well worth the prep to bring out the best in this magic paint and a delight after being quited £1200 for new doors wish i had done it years ago.....i also used the tile paint with primer and gloss roller it too being amazing Cupboard colour...white lace, very pretty...tiles...ivory satin...brilliant contrast and vvery nice colour well i am too happy to be tired Well worth

Date submitted by: 19 June 2016

VERY GOOD by Julian

Preparation is the key. Sand the doors, dust off, clean with white spirit and a rag let dry, clean again. Dilute the paint with 10% white spirit max in a paint kettle. paint doors with a synthetic brush. 2 coat for a perfect finish. Stir paint often and cover paint kettle.

Date submitted by: 15 June 2016

excelent by gary

i thinned this down with white spirit and used a spry gun to apply gave great results and its really hard to scratch or scuff great product it should come in 2lt tho

Date submitted by: 13 June 2016

Graphite grey cupboard paint by Sandy

Used this on my yellowing white gloss kitchen. My kitchen now looks brand new. The product was easy to use. I used a gloss roller which gave an excellent fast result

Date submitted by: 08 June 2016

fastest drying/Best paint i've ever used! by Pete

Very surprising product. almost no sags/runs/drips. easy to get smooth because it's thick bodied & dries v quickly. the satin finish hides imperfections. some 2nd coating may be NECESSARY where first coat was over-brushed. but not a full second coat. have used it many times with consistent excellent results.

Date submitted by: 29 May 2016

Needs 2 coats by Paulus

A great product to use, although it will require 2 coats to achieve full opacity so plan for twice the cost and time! Lovely finish when applied by a gloss roller. Dries to a fantastic finish with no marks.

Date submitted by: 09 May 2016

Great product by Lauren

After reading A few of the reviews on here i was quite worried about using this product but I've finished my melamine kitchen cupboard doors and I'm very happy with the finish. Although it didn't take 1 coat (i wasn't expecting it to do so with the old colour being so dark and i was using ivory) I am very happy with the overall finish. I followed all of the prep advice by cleaning the cupboard door and removing the handles and I also left at least 24 hours between coats. The only thing I didn't follow was to use A brush for the whole of the cupboard I just used one for the more intricate areas, I used a mini roller for the majority of the cupboard and to blend in where I had used the brush which left a much nicer finish. Overall this project cost me £25 for the paint, mini roller, paint brush and a dust sheet and a few hours of my time after work each evening this week. I had received quotes between £300-£500 to either get the doors painted or replaced so £25 in comparison is fantastic. I would recommend.

Date submitted by: 22 April 2016

Lovely gloss by Annie

I did exactly what it said on the tin. I painted a an MDF unit with formica covering. After rubbing it down with sandpaper and white spirit i left it overnight. I painted the unit the following day i painted the unit 2 coats and i left 2-3 hours between each coat. I had no gloppy mess as you have to make sure you don't add to much paint in each stroke or like ordinary paint it will of course run. I am so impressed with the result that I plan to paint my kitchen shelves and the cupboards next.

Date submitted by: 19 March 2016

Disappointed by Sandra davies

Moved house And wanted to paint wooden kitchen units . I dId the same thIng in my previous house with no problems and excellent results. Found this paint difficult to paInt with it drags goes on patchy and iIt is Certainly not quick drying as it says on the tin. Still tacky after 11 hours. Sorry i bought two tins as IIm going to have to Buy an aLternative paint

Date submitted by: 05 March 2016

rip off by paul

This does absolutely nothing that it says on the tin.What it will do is create unnecessary work and destroy what wasn't badly broken.

Date submitted by: 24 February 2016

Brilliant ! by Johnny

Couldn't be bothered to prep surface of the inside of my wardrobes. With a roller, I just slopped on the cobalt grey. It was excellent! Covered in one coat doesn't scuff, scratch etc n looks amazing. I'm soooo impressed. I'm gonna 'do' inside my kitchen cupboards next week. First class product & though a strong smell, its didn't bother me.

Date submitted by: 17 February 2016

Awful product by Cupboard paint

I used white.gloss on two bedside drawers the paint was not too bad on the first coat, although there was no way it would cover in one coat as claimed . The second coat was very difficult to apply even though i had left it for more than the twenty four hours recommended. The finish is far from perfect but i cannot face the task of painting on yet more paint, and suspect it would look even worse!

Date submitted by: 16 February 2016

impossible to apply an even coat by Melamine Cupboard paint

I am extremely disappointed with the result of using this paint. I chose it to change my pear-coloured wardrobes to white. I found that I had to use three tins of paint as the first coat showed steaks through. All the coats proved impossible to apply as the consistency was so thick that any attempt at brushing left brush marks and dragged off the finish already achieved. Even after 24 hours the paint was not hard and easily damaged by the second coat. The result is a patchy finish, smooth in places were the paint adhered most ( usually were the brush was first applied with fresh paint) and speckled/streaky were the paint was dragged too much. Even though I used new brushes and sanded and cleaned as instructed on the tin the result is very poor, especially for the cost.

Date submitted by: 09 February 2016

rubbish by mcdonald

Like previous reviews I foudn this hard to apply, brush marks show and on the 2nd coat after 24 hrs its even worse, not easy to spread on 2nd coat and goes lumpy and uneven.

Date submitted by: 31 January 2016

Excellent results by LVJ

Used this to revamp wood finish kitchen cabinets and cupboards with melamine panels. used it as instructed and it's resulted in a fantastic finish. couldn't afford to replace the kitchen, now i don't need to. so pleased with the results. tip: used a non-ronseal product called esp rather than sanding down the cupboards and melamine, this allowed me to paint directly onto the surface without having to sand down, just a clean of the surfaces as recommended on the esp container.

Date submitted by: 26 January 2016

Dont waste ure money by Terrible

Painted on with roller looked great with one coat tin goes a long way though when dry when touched at all just scrapes off hve even got the varnish over to see if helped But useless now left with full kitchen i hve to take all off

Date submitted by: 24 January 2016

Easy to use by Bedroom update

Bought this to update some fitted bedroom furniture ... I was worried as I'm not normally a DIY kind of person but application was easy and one coat has covered the original "cream" base colour. My only complaint is that they don't do a Matt version of this product. I used "Mocha Satin" I love the colour but I would have preferred a Matt finish in my bedroom.

Date submitted by: 23 November 2015

This paint has transformed my kitchen by Great result

I used this paint to change my wooden kitchen cupboards to a cream colour. I've only just finished so can't comment on how hard wearing it is but it looks amazing! I agree with the comment about using a roller, it works way better this way! Don't Waste your time with a brush because as another reviewer said, it goes off very quickly. You also avoid brush marks that way. As for the number of coats, i did need two but i think that's usually the case with products that claim that only one coat is necessary. I also painted my tiles using ronseal tile paint and grout pen and i highly recommend!

Date submitted by: 09 October 2015

Patchy paint by Sandra wolfe

When you put the paint on it dryed too quick so it was drying patchy in places so looked horrible so you put more on to compansate which just madr it even worse so went out and had to buy some more paint

Date submitted by: 23 September 2015

Took three coats not one by One Coat

I bought this product thinking one coat was only required as its called "one coat cupboard paint", I had to use 3 coats of paint to get desired finish, with just one coat i could still see the wood colour underneath, no way is a single coat sufficient. it definitely doesn't do exactly what it says on the tin.

Date submitted by: 03 September 2015

Excellent product by sHenaling

I don't do DIY because it all goes horribly wrong when I do. I needed to revamp a large kitchen on a budget, so took the plunge by painting dated pine cupboards. I used Ronseal one coat cupboard Paint in Cobalt Grey for a gloss finish. cleaning, light sanding and then 2 coats of paint allowing each coat to dry in between. I painted 11 cabinet doors with one tin. so pleased with the result. and like the other reviewer, keep it well ventilated to avoid a headache.

Date submitted by: 27 August 2015

terrible by Derek Collins

My review is identical to martin waterson on 11th June, the date i used the paint was 7th august, 2015. I am an active 78 year old this month. my father was a professional decorator and taught me how to paint and I have done my own decorating for 55 years. I have just painted two doors with traditional paint, using a paint brush, they came up great. So this globby dry off before you can brush out, peel off when second coat applied paint is expensive and most difficult to use. Of course when you have followed exactly what the tin says for preparation, the surface cannot be restored to how it was before the ronseal paint messed it up. Because the one coat reacts with its second coat as martin said, I used white spirit to soften the globby first coat and can have another try.

Date submitted by: 10 August 2015

Not bad by Morf

Iam not That great at diy - read hopeless, but wanted to update the kitchen. Used the cupboard paint, gloopy and drys super quick But has dried to a lovley glossy finish. Some touch ups next weekend due to my poor painting skills. Had a couple of Bumps as applied unevenly. I got better with practice! DEFINITELY recommended but keep the rooms ultra well ventilated as i did get a headache! Have fun :)

Date submitted by: 04 August 2015

Poor Paint by Nick Breeze Wood

It’s almost impossible to use. The paint is like working a mix of oil and mud, it’s impossible to paint without brush marks, and is not possible to apply an even coat due to its consistency. Even after 24 hours a new coat is very likely to raise the previous coat and a smooth finish is out of the question. I wish I had used a primer like Zinsser BIN Primer, because I could have then used normal paint - instead of this expensive and messy disaster area - and then I would have got a far better result.

Date submitted by: 22 July 2015

Better with a roller by A new kitchen

I've got an ikea Kitchen that i just wanted to replace the doors, however ikea no longer do that range or doors that will fit. To go elsewhere i was quoted £500-£900 just for replacement doors. So i googled kitchen cupboard paint to see if there was such a thing and found several products. After reading countless reviews this one seemed perfect. I then saw a youTube video on how to prepare, use & what else I needed to buy which was very helpful. All Under £90 from b&q so i gave it a go. I am no expert but using a brush was hard work and did not go well for me. But when i put on the second coat (after waiting 24hrs) i used a roller instead. Well what a difference that made. The paint as i imagined was very thick but still needed a second coat anyway for my doors, despite my poor use of a brush. Even though they look lovely now, In a few weeks when the builders have been and gone & i can get the the dog minded for a couple of days, i will be giving them a quick sand and one more coat.with What i have left over. they will be perfect then. Thank you ronseal for not needing to buy a new kitchen!

Date submitted by: 02 July 2015

Hard work by Martin Waterson

After reading the tin carefully, I decided to buy this product and was really hoping it would live up to all the claims. Unfortunately this was not the case. Found the product extremely hard to work with for a start. The paint is too THINK and starts to go off too quickly. I tried painting some very light coloured wood that I had previously sanded and prepared and despite being thick, wouldn't cover the the item with one coat, I am now on my third coat due to a combination of this and the fact that it drys with brush MARKS. It won't give me an even finish as the paint seems to shrink significantly once DRY leaving the surface with a thick coat of paint in places and a very thin coat in other places. If you go over any bits that you've previously just painted the brush pulls the paint up making it BUMPY and we are talking split seconds here. I've also had trouble with the paint reacting to itself once a second coat is applied even after leaving the first coat to dry for over the 24 hours that is recommended on the tin. I did have a reasonably good result on one door, in the sense that the paint dried fairly smooth but unfortunately I could still see the colour from the wood UNDERNEATH, a second coat then ruined the finish, leaving brush marks. Overall I found the product to be expensive, time consuming, difficult to apply, difficult to achieve a good finish (still hoping with each coat and in two minds about giving up and taking it back to the store) I was thinking about using a roller but am worried that, it too will pull the paint up leaving it bumpy. I can't help but think that if I had bought any other product from the store I wouldn't be having this degree of trouble.

Date submitted by: 11 June 2015

Absolutely rubbish. by Ncardiff

Don't waste money on this!!! Get anything but this. Awful expensive product that doesnt work with a brush. You have to use a gloss Roller 3 times

Date submitted by: 06 June 2015

Not such a good high gloss finish by One coat cupboard paint high gloss white

This does not have a high gloss finish. I am hoping to change my wooden table and chairs to a modern white high gloss finish and after sanding wiping clean with methylated spirit and applying three coats of paint the white finish is more satin than anything else. the next chair has had two coats of undercoat primer followed by two coats of high gloss and still the same outcome.I am not at all happy and going to try a different make as it definitely does not do what it says on the tin.

Date submitted by: 25 April 2015

melamine cupboard paint by liz w


Date submitted by: 19 April 2015

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