Ronseal Kitchen & Bathroom Repair Kit

Our Kitchen & Bathroom Repair Kit includes everything you need to fix cracks & scratches, without the cost of having to replace. 

Before You Start

Make sure the area is clean and dry. Open your doors and windows for ventilation. Test the colour of the enamel on a small, hidden area to check you are happy with the colour. 

Lightly sand the damaged area to get rid of any loose bit and wipe down with a damp cloth. Leave to dry before using the enamel.

Using Your Kit

In the pack you'll find a small applicator, a foil pack of hardener, a tube of filler and a bottle of Touch-Up Enamel.

1. Squeeze out as much filler as you need. Mix in a very small amount of hardener. Keep going until it's all mixed in. Using the applicator, pack the filler into the repair, leaving the filler slightly raised above the surface. Leave to dry for 30mins. 

2. Once dry, sand to a smooth finish. For enamel and porcelain use the brown sandpaper. For ceramic and fibreglass use the black sandpaper with a little bit of water. Wipe away any dust with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

3. Shake the bottle of Touch Up Enamel for 2 mins. Brush on 2-3 thin coats leaving 2 hours between coats. It will be touch dry in 1 hour but leave 24 hours before getting wet and 4 days before submerging in water.

Usage Areas: Enamel, porcelain, fibreglass and ceramic.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors

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