Decking Treatment

Decking is expensive, so you'll need to protect it to keep it looking great

Decking stains Decking oils Decking Paint Decking Protector

Give your decking a new look this summer

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Which Decking Treatment is right for you?

Decking is a great way to improve the look of your garden.
But you need to protect it to stop the sun turning it grey or the rain rotting it.
Our products will keep your decking looking its best all year round.


Decking stains

Decking Stain gives richer colour and better protection against day to day use on new or older decking.

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Ultimate Protection Decking Stain

Looking for a long term solution for colouring, waterproofing and protecting your decking? Look no further, we've got it covered. This is our toughest stain that can handle all weather and regular use


Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Decking Stain

Here's a pack that has everything you need to protect your decking. A pad, pole and the stain. It gets the job done 5 X faster than a brush. All you need, is to pick a colour

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Decking Stain

Our Decking Stain gives your decking rich colour, but also protects your deck against the weather and wear and tear.

Decking oils

Decking Oil gives the wood a lightly tinted, natural finish. They’re great for newer decking.

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Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

Give your decking a natural look and keep it protected from the weather. This is rainproof in 90 minutes, and lasts twice as long as standard Decking Oils. Job done!

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Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

Here's a pack that has everything you need to oil your decking. It gets the job done 5 X faster than a brush without the backache. All you need, is to pick a colour

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Decking Oil

Keep your decking looking great by protecting it from the weather with our Decking Oil.

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Decking Paint

Decking Paint covers ugly, grey, split wood so you can get your decking back in use

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Decking Rescue Paint

Our Decking Rescue Paint fills in small cracks and covers grey wood, making your deck look as good as new. A good clean and a couple coats of paint is all it takes to give your deck a new look.

Decking Protector

Decking Protector waterproofs wood to keep it protected

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Decking Protector

Protect your decking from splitting and turning grey. All you need is a day of good weather.

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