Ronseal Garden Furniture Cleaner

If your garden furniture is looking a bit dirty, then our Cleaner is for you. It’ll get rid of dirt and grease. And with a bit of a scrub it’ll also clean off algae. You can use it as a day to day cleaner or before putting on a stain or oil to make the finish look better.

Using Your Cleaner

First, give the furniture a quick brush down to get rid of loose dirt. Then spray on the cleaner and scrub it into the wood with a scrubbing brush. You’ll need to leave it to work for 10 minutes. Then wash it down with clean water and give it another scrub. Let it dry and the job is now done.

Usage Areas: Both hardwood and softwood garden furniture. You can use it on new or treated wood, apart from waxed or polished surfaces.
How Should I Apply It?: Spray it on and scrub with a brush.
Coverage: This 750ml bottle is more than enough for a garden table and 4 chairs. That's around 6mwith 1 coat.
Dry Time: 10 minutes.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: outside
Smooth Planed Wood.png
Drying time
10 Minutes

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