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Decking Restorer

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Weathering can have a dramatic effect on your decking, making bright and clean surfaces become murky and worn. Our Decking Restorer revives old and discoloured decking back to its original colour. The result is bare natural wood that’s ready to be protected.

  • Helps your decking last longer
  • Works in just 15 minutes
  • Low odour
  • Safe for plants and grass
  • Restores weathered and grey decking
  • Recoat in 15 minutes
  • Restores weathered and grey decking
  • Helps decking last longer
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Coverage Calculator

How much restorer do I need?

Measure your area precisely, drop the numbers into this smart calculator and it will tell you straight away how many litres you'll need to complete your project.

Use for the following wood types
  • Softwood decking
    Softwood decking
  • Hardwood decking
    Hardwood decking

Can be used on both ridged or smooth wood.

How do I use it?

Number of coats

One coat


Up to 15m2 per litre


Brush on

How to restore your decking

Before you start

Remove any debris and accumulation of moss, mould and algae using a stiff brush.


  1. Stir the tin well before use so the consistency is smooth.
  2. Use a brush and liberally apply the Decking Restorer. Focus on three or four boards at a time.
  3. Scrub with a stiff bristle brush to work the Decking Restorer into the surface.
  4. Wait 15 minutes.
  5. Scrub again before rinsing off with clean water.
  6. One coat should be all you need, but if your decking is very weathered you may need to apply another coat.
  7. Allow the wood to dry thoroughly for two days before applying a decking stain or oil.



Remove as much product from your brush as possible and then clean them in water and detergent.

Leftover Decking Restorer should be disposed of properly. For more information, contact your local council.


Your decking should never be left without a stain or oil coating as this could result in it becoming damaged.

Technical specification

Usage Ridged or smooth hardwood and softwood decking
Coverage Up to 15m2 per litre
Dry time Two days
Coat time

15 minutes

Number of coats One
Durability Restores tired, old and weathered decking
Application Brush
Sizes 2.5L

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