Still not done your DIY? This will help...

Spring's here. It's time to get up, get out and embrace the great outdoors. But first, you need to get on with the dreaded garden DIY.

Don't worry, Ronseal's here to help you get it done quickly... using powers of persuasion.

Relax… imagine your perfect weekend. A lie-in… box sets… a lovely roast. Now imagine how much better you will feel after painting your fence, your door and your decking with these 3 great new Ronseal products.

Ronseal makes DIY so easy... so very easy.

Now just DO exactly what it says on the tin. Do the DIY!


Ronseal Fence Life Plus

Imagine sat in your garden, with a cup of tea and a nice biscuit. But you can’t relax because that fence is spoiling your view. Don’t worry, because you can now use Ronseal Fence Life Plus. It goes on smoothly, even on damp wood. And it protects your fence in all weather for 5 years. Five years! Satisfying.

Fence product

Ronseal Fence Life Plus

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Ronseal ultimate protection decking stain

Focus on your decking. Imagine transforming it with Ultimate Protection Decking Stain. Mountain Green, Stone Grey, Country Oak (lots of oak in fact) feel the difference its fresh new look and its long-lasting finish will give you. Feel your shoulders relax.

Decking stain

Ronseal Decking Stain

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Exterior Wood


Now transport yourself to your front door. Feel your hand move up and down, up and down as you stain your exterior wood it with Ronseal 10-Year Woodstain. It doesn’t flake or peel and it dries in 60 minutes. And you won’t have to do the job again for… well, guess? How good does that feel?


Ronseal Woodstain

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