Everything you need to know about Ronseal Trade Danish Oil

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For outstanding protection of interior wood our Ronseal Trade Danish Oil is the ideal solution. In this blog, we explain what sets our Danish Oil apart from the rest.

Nourish and restore
Ronseal Trade Danish Oil is a solvent-based woodcare product that is comprised of a blend of resins and pure natural oils that combine to create a durable and water-resistant finish for interior wood. The oil penetrates deep into the wood to nourish and restore and deliver a natural, durable and water-resistant finish. Suitable for most interior applications, including furniture and doors, this hardy oil will provide strong protection against knocks, scuffs and scratches.

Easy to apply
Our Danish Oil can be applied to either previously oiled or bare wood – however, it is important that any existing wax, polish, lacquer, paint or varnish coatings are completely removed using sandpaper as this will ensure the best finish. The wood should be lightly sanded and wiped with white spirit before application.

Once the wood is completely dry, shake the oil and pour generously onto a clean lint free cloth and wipe over the surface of the wood. Alternatively, for a more precise application the oil can be applied using a paint brush (always apply in the direction of the grain). We recommend applying three coats, leaving six hours between each one. Once the oil is completely dry, it is possible to create extra sheen simply by buffing the oiled surface with a clean cloth.


Health and safety
As Ronseal Trade Danish Oil is solvent-based, it is also important to keep the work area well ventilated during the application and drying process. This is because solvent-based products emit high VOCs that can cause a range of reactions including eye, nose and throat irritation after prolonged exposure.

Once the job is complete, users should thoroughly clean any cloths or paint brushes that have come into contact with the oil. This is a vital step as, due to the formula of the product, materials that still have oil residue present are liable to self-ignite without warning.


A quality finish

Ronseal Trade Danish Oil creates a natural, sleek finish that lasts. Even in high traffic areas, the oil will protect the wood and prevent damage. Ronseal Trade Danish Oil is also British Board of Agreement (BBA) accredited, which means that users can trust that the finish they create will last. 

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