Everything you need to know about Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish

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For tough, long lasting protection of wooden flooring - even in high traffic areas - our Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish is the ideal solution. In this blog, we explain what makes our Ultra Tough Floor Varnish so special.

Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish is a water based, quick drying varnish that has been formulated to protect interior wooden flooring and highlight its natural beauty with a clear, transparent finish. This handy product can be used on most interior floors, including hardwood, mosaic flooring, softwood boarding and more. Even better still, with the correct preparation it can also be used on previously varnished wooden floors. Our standard 2.5 litre tin can coat a 15m2 area with three coats.  

Easy application
Before applying Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish, it is important that the wooden flooring is well sanded with 120 grit paper and cleared of any dust using white spirit. Once the floor is fully dry, stir the varnish and apply using a 4” synthetic bristle brush. To ensure the best finish, it is important to apply three coats, allowing two hours between each coat. The incredibly fast drying times mean that professionals can complete the job quickly and fit in more projects across the working week - and disruption to the end customer can be kept to a minimum. We also recommend lightly rubbing down the surface with 240 grade abrasive paper and wiping down with a damp cloth (and allowing the surface to dry) before applying the final coat.

The floor can withstand walking after eight hours and furniture can be placed on top of the surface after 24 hours. The floor should be protected from water for five days and should not be covered with carpets or rugs for at least eight days.

A long-lasting finish
Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish benefits from a quick drying, water-based formulation that has been intelligently designed to flex with the wood and prevent the finish from cracking or peeling over time. What’s more, the clear finish you put on will last thanks to minimal yellowing. To ensure that the high-quality finish is maintained, always explain to customers that the floor should be kept free of dirt and grit, as well as vacuumed or swept regularly.

A safer choice
Thanks to its water-based formulation, Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish is much safer for the applier, end customer and environment in comparison to solvent-based alternatives. As it emits lower VOCs, there is a lower chance of eye, nose and throat irritation – however, it is still important to keep the space well ventilated for maximum safety.


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