Do the DIY

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After years of creating quality products to make it as easy as possible for the nation to get out and paint their fences or stain their decking and their doors, this year we’re using the powers of persuasion to get you to do the DIY.

Launching during Gogglebox on Friday night ahead of the Easter Bank holiday, this year’s campaign will take you on a hypnotic journey. Convincing you to get out into your gardens this spring and do the DIY.

Don’t be embarrassed about that grey, tired looking fence again this year. Use our FenceLife Plus+ and it’ll be protected for five years.

Focus on your decking. Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel after using our Ultimate Protection Decking Stain and seeing how great it now looks.

Then transport yourself to your front door. And stand proud as you take in it’s fresh new look and that fact you won’t have to stain it again for another 10 years, because you used Ronseal 10 Year Woodstain.

Ronseal makes DIY so easy... so very easy.

Now just DO exactly what it says on the tin. Do the DIY!

28th March 2018

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