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Precision Finish Brushes


Ronseal Precision Finish Brushes are designed to hold lots of paint to help cover large areas quickly with accuracy. Giving a great finish every time. Available in a range of sizes and including angled tips and multipacks. Whatever the job, we've got you covered.

  • Guranteed not to leave bristles in your paint
  • Shaped Bristles for accurate application
  • Use with all stains, paints and varnishes
  • Made from responsibly sourced, forest friendly timber
  • Synthetic bristles

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Need to know

When dipping your brush in the coating, try not to overload it. Only dip your brush a third or halfway up when loading. This will give you a much better finish.

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What to use with

Use with all stains, paints and varnishes

Easy to clean

Wash with soap and warm water

Various Sizes

Pick the right size for the job

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Tell us about your DIY project and we’ll show you which products you need.

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