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Sheds and Fences

Find everything you need to protect them. Job done.

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One Coat. Job Done.


Sheds and Fences Treatment

Fences and Sheds are made of wood. If you don't protect wood it'll turn grey in the sun or rot in the rain. At best, it won't look good. At worse, it'll collapse. That's why you need to protect it.

Fence Treatments

Pick the right product for you. There are two different kinds of Fence Life. One Coat Gets the job done fast, and will last a couple of years. And Fence Life Plus need 2 coats, but that extra work pays off year after year - well at least five years actually.


One Coat Fence Life

Unsurprisingly, you only need to use one coat of our One Coat Fence Life to colour and protect your fence or shed. Perfect if you want to get the job done quickly.

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Fence Life Plus

The very best protection for rough sawn and smooth planed sheds and fences.


Fence Sprayers

Why not save some time with a sprayer? It takes about 20 minutes to paint a fence panel with a brush. Or you can use our Power Sprayer and get it done in as little as 2 minutes.

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Precision Finish Power Sprayer

Spray and treat a fence panel in 3 minutes with our Precision Finish Fence Sprayer. The quickest and easiest way to treat a fence!

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Precision Finish Fence Sprayer

Treat a fence panel in less than 3 minutes with our Precision Finish Fence Sprayer.

Wood Preservers

If you're looking for something more traditional, our preservers will do just that.

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Shed and Fence Preserver

Protect your shed or fence against wood rot, decay, wood burrowing insects and more with our preserver. Available in 5 colours.

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Total Wood Preserver

Prevents woodworm infestation, rot, decay and fungi. Remember to use coloured preservers for outdoor use.

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Multi-Purpose Wood Treatment

Our multi purpose wood treatment protects against wet and dry rot along with woodworm or other insect attacks. Easy to apply.


Woodworm Killer

Our woodworm killer removes woodworm and prevents re-infestation into the wood. Once treated, it can be stained, varnished and painted.

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