Ronseal Garden Paint

Our Garden Paint adds colour to just about anything in your garden – wood, brick, terracotta, metal and stone. Whatever you decide to paint, it’ll look great, and be protected from the weather. Plus it’s rainproof in just one hour, as we know what our summers can be like.

Before You Start

Make sure it’s a warm, dry day (above 10°C) and that it’s not going to rain. Whatever you’re painting needs to be clean and dry.

Painting wood: Garden furniture If your furniture has been left outside for a while or is already painted, it will need a quick sand. This helps get rid of loose paint and flaking wood. If your furniture is new, a light sand will get rid of any rough splinters. Put on a face mask so you don’t breathe in the dust. Then give it a quick wipe with white spirit to remove any dirt or grease.
Sheds and Fences: Just use a stiff brush to get rid of any dirt and you’re good to go.
Decking: Don't use this on your decking.
Painting metal: You need to get rid of any rust or loose paint with a wire brush. Then give it a quick wipe with white spirit. Before you paint you need to prime it with a suitable metal primer – this will make the paint stick and last longer. Painting brick, terracotta or stone: Just remove any dust or loose material with a stiff brush and give it a good wipe.

Using Your Paint

First, give the tin a good stir, use something wide like an old wooden spoon. To check you’re happy with the colour, find a hidden area and try it. Now you’re ready to start painting. When painting wood, you need to brush in the direction of the wood grain. You’ll need to put on 3 coats, this will give you the best colour and protection. When painting on smooth surfaces, lightly sand between the 2nd and 3rd coat. Leave 4 hours between each coat. If you get any paint on yourself, it will wash off with warm, soapy water. If you've been painting furniture, it’s best to leave it a day or two before using it.

Clean Up

Scrape as much paint off your brush as you can. Then wash it out in warm, soapy water. Don’t empty any left over paints into drains or watercourses. Your local authority may have special ways to get rid of unused paints.

Usage Areas: Wood, brick, terracotta, metal, stone (don't use on plastic, iron, decking or areas that you'll walk on). 
How Many Coats?: Use 3 coats to get the best colour protection. But remember if you're painting a light colour over a darker colour you may need to use more coats.
Coverage: With 3 coats on wood this 750ml tin will cover approximately 3m2. On other surfaces it'll be less.
Dry Time: It'll be rainproof in 1 hour and needs 4 hours between coats.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: outside
Smooth Planed Wood.png
Rough Sawn Wood.png
Drying time
1 Hour

It takes no time at all

Your surface area

Product reviews

very satisfied by pat

Have just used this paint Colour sage on my metal gates . 2 coats over black very Pleased. Done my fancy bits on top of gate in daisy colour. Took 3 coats over gold.

Date submitted by: 21 June 2016

Great product by Lazenby

I have used ths product on an old Garden chair and a new wooden gate. Coverage great and dry within the hour. I strongly recommend this item.

Date submitted by: 07 June 2016

it makes diy fun, yes really by poppy

i came across garden paint in my local nursery. although the colour wasn't initially as i expected it i still loved the paint itself so bought alternative colours. as well as the terracotta pots i have painted a wooden greenhouse and renewed the paint on metal garden ornaments. how fantastic is that, one product that is so versatile. so easy and enjoyable to use i have even offered to paint things for my mother-in-law.

Date submitted by: 06 June 2016

Excellent! Totally recommend this product by Miss L

Used this paint on some old (and rusting in parts) galvanised Trough Planters that I was throwing out. They now look like new! I did need three coats to do a really good job but this has covered 9 planters so an absolute bargain really at only £6 a tin. Does what is says on the tin and touch dry/ready to paint again within the hour, all 9 planters done in one sunny day 

Date submitted by: 15 May 2016

Fantastic product by Pat

Have just painted my new garden shed and it looks great. Lovely paint to work with. Goes on easy and covers well. Two coats and job done. If you work quickly you can put the second coat on As soon as the first is just about dry so cutting out the need to sand between coats. Would certainly use This product again.

Date submitted by: 12 May 2016

Excellent!! Cannot say how great it is. A+++++++ by Debbie

Ronseal has done it again great excellent superb 😊

Date submitted by: 29 March 2016

Brings light into a Garden dark spot by Janet

Really love this paint it is very easy to use nice and thick and covers well. It has totally transformed a very dull area of the garden. we used the willow colour which is very natural shade and blends in with natural surroundings.

Date submitted by: 20 March 2016

Exceptional paint by Majella Galway

At first I thought this paint seemed a bit too aqueous to cover well; but it covered a dried out old shed really well. Gone shabby shovel shed and hello pristine beach hut.

Date submitted by: 19 March 2016

Brilliant Paint by Baileysbunny

Have been using this paint for about 6 years. I love all the colours and have used many of them in the difference garden furniture areas in the garden. Love the Willow for the loungers and ash white for the bird tables and dove cote.

Date submitted by: 17 March 2016

Best garden paint available by Tony Springall

I had an issue with Ronseal one coat therefore I was sent garden paint to try. I can truthfully say it is the best exterior paint I have ever used. The pigment in the paint gives a lovely solid colour. Dries well and lasts.

Date submitted by: 14 March 2016

quick and easy to use by Bob

I have used Ronseal products for many years, and have come to trust their products. the claim "it does what it says on the tin" I hope will confirm my trust as I have just painted 3 coats over two coats of well dried preservative on new timber on my bird table. Colour was sage, it covered well at two coats,i gave a third. It goes against my better judgement to use water based finishes on wood externally, but I will be pleased if it lasts for a few years I will write another review in the future re durability

Date submitted by: 12 December 2015

Dog house refreshed by S wilts

I bought this for the first time to paint over the dog house, which was the horrid reddy/brown stain that the manufacturer used. It took two coats and it looks fabulous! I used sage and the colour is really lovely, now the cat and dog have a posh looking house to sit in. Would definitely buy again.

Date submitted by: 12 October 2015

Great all round product by Garden colour

If anyone out there are thinking of painting there kitchen doors or any other furniture try this product first before buying other really expensive products its brilliant you won't be disappointed it covers beautifully fact.

Date submitted by: 08 September 2015

Not pleased by Prynea

Just painted my garden bench with sapling green, loved the colour it looked Great .But the the rain has washed it off.

Date submitted by: 23 August 2015

Great Colours and Fast Drying by Just what I needed.

Bought this on a whim and delighted with it.Painted old pots,bird tables,tiles,fences,garden lamps, things for indoors such as old hat boxes and trays,chairs and stools. Its a very easy to use product.My big ,orangey red geraniums look stunning in their battered, slate painted pots.The paint covers damaged areas in a nice, easy on the eye manner. A really useful product which puts you in charge of the effect you are trying to create.

Date submitted by: 18 August 2015

Brilliant by Jon

This is a brilliant product, just painted all my terracotta pots with willow now onto the trelllis injected a new life in my garden.

Date submitted by: 26 July 2015

painting church bench for outside use by Wellington boot

The paint runs like water. Poor coverage now on third coat. How long does it take to harden before you can sit on it(church bench)!!

Date submitted by: 14 July 2015

Great product by Quinny

Yes it does what is says on the tin. Painted over Black two COATS. Lovely colour definitely Use again

Date submitted by: 12 July 2015

Superb by RQ

Definitely does what it claims to... have used it on wood, metal and stone with excellent results. Great coverage and great to be able to add a little colour to the garden.

Date submitted by: 01 July 2015

garden paint by tilly

Just started using this paint. Got sage, purple berry and elderflower. Sage and purple brilliant but elderflower a disaster. Putting over a dark colour but just isn't doing it for me.

Date submitted by: 04 June 2015

excellent products by Dave

I have been using your garden paint for many years and it is an excellent product easy application coverage and a beautiful finish absolutely superb colours thanks

Date submitted by: 19 May 2015

Love, love, love this paint. by Victoria

I needed a paint that would cover a purple childs house in the garden, I bought sapling green and white ash and it is stunning, the coverage is amazing. I have other DIY projects going on at the moment and I would not hesitate buying this again, infact I won't use anything else now in my garden, It's fantastic! THANKS RONSEAL.

Date submitted by: 17 May 2015

100% RECOMENDED by Anon

This product is superb, coverage is great and easy to apply. The finish is solid unlike others that are just a wash finish. I don't write reviews, but I felt I needed too on this occasion, because the product is so good!

Date submitted by: 13 May 2015

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