How to block wall and ceiling stains

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Project overview

When trying to cover stains on your walls, a few coats of paint doesn't always do the job. That's why you need Stain Block. It covers crayon, dark paint, wine, and just about anything else you get on your wall, apart from damp. If you have damp, then you'll need our Damp Seal.

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The process

First, give the wall a quick clean with some soapy water and a cloth, then make sure it's dry before you continue. If you have cracks or gaps, fill them in with one of our wall fillers. Then grab a paint brush and put a good thick coat over the stain.

You can also spray the paint on with our aerosol. Whichever you use, after four hours it'll be ready to paint over with whatever you like.

And that's it. You'll never see that stain again.

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