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Fresh and clean grout is so satisfying. Over time though it puts up with a lot of wear and tear and can eventually discolour or even get mouldy. Clean grout can make a difference to the overall look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom, so here are some tips for getting it clean.

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Is it dirt or mould?

How you clean your grout depends on what is discoloured with.

If it’s mould, don’t scrub it. Scrubbing can spread the spores and make the mould worse. Instead, buy specialist mould remover and follow the instructions.

If the grout is just dirty and grimy, there are a few ways you can clean it.

Use household items

There are plenty of household items you can use to clean grout.

Warm water and a stiff wire brush is good for removing loose dirt and debris. This is also just generally a good thing to do every now and then to prevent build-up of dirt.

For tougher stains, mix baking soda with water to create a paste. Apply that to the grout lines and then spray it with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. The paste will start to foam as it works loose the dirt. Wait until it has finished foaming, then scrub it with a wire brush and rinse it with water.

Use specialist grout cleaners

Grout cleaners are more expensive but do a really great job. They don’t require as much elbow grease, can be used on floor tiles, and only needs a little scrubbing.

A lot of grout cleaners have bleach in them so wear gloves and be careful.


How to remove grout from tiles

Unless you’re a DIY professional, you’ll probably end up getting grout on the surface of your tiles.

If it’s still soft and wet, all you need to do is wipe it away.

For grout that’s hardened, you can rub it off or dissolve in. Use warm water and wire wool to slowly rub at the grout.

You might find that there’s still remnants of grout on the tile, if that’s the case you can use a glass scraper to remove the grout. Spray the tile with warm water for lubrication and press the scraper firmly at a 45 degree angle and slide it underneath the grout. This should help to remove a chunk of grout without damaging the tile.

If it’s proving to be very stubborn (grout does have cement in it, after all!) then you might need to replace the tile completely.

How to brighten grout

Once you’ve cleaned it up and removed mould, you can use a grout pen to revive and brighten the grout. This will have it looking good as new, without the need to completely regrout.

Grout pens are, unsurprisingly, just like using a pen. You need a steady hand but you only need one coat for a good job.

Occasionally using a grout cleaner when you clean your shower will help to keep it bright and clean for longer.

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