How to choose the right indoor wood paint

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Project overview

Our Stays White Paints aren’t like other paints. They do exactly what it says on the tin. They’re guaranteed to stay white and won’t go yellow over time. To make sure your wood stays white choose one of these.

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2in1 Primer & Paint

Our 2in1 Primer & Paint is the easiest way to paint bare or painted wood. You never need to use a primer.

All you need to do is give it a quick sand to get rid of any loose bits.

Then put on 2 coats, and we guarantee it'll stay white for 10 years. Job Done!

One Coat Non Drip Paint

Our One Coat paint helps you get the your done in just one coat.

It doesn't drip, so it's really easy to use. Plus you get our 10 year Stays White Guarantee.

We know painting skirting boards, spindles and doors isn't the most exciting job , so It’s great for those fiddly bits that you can’t face giving a 2nd coat.

Which ever paint you choose, it'll be quick drying, won't smell, easy to clean up and more importantly Stays White.

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