How to create a drop down fence

Drinks all round! Create a drop down fence for socialising with your neighbours!


Project overview

Master craftsman Bruce Kenneth provides a how-to demo in new series of The Great Garden Revolution on Channel 4.

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Many of us got to know our neighbours much better during the pandemic  – even forming life-long friendships as we chatted over the garden fence or checked in with people in our local community during lockdown.

Now viewers of Ronseal Presents…The Great Garden Revolution on Channel 4 can discover how to turn their garden fence into a handy drop down bar for eating, drinking and socialising with their next-door neighbours!

Episode two sees master craftsman Bruce Kenneth demonstrate how to create the multi-purpose fence panel, which flips down to achieve the horizontal bar area or back up for privacy.

Using just a few tools, standard cuts of wood and his stash of Ronseal products, Bruce reimagines the humble garden fence in a simple and fun way.

He says: “We have the opportunity to rethink all of the things we have in our garden. People see a fence as a barrier but it can also be a window.

“A drop down Fence really does open up the space – it’s nice to be able to sit in your back garden and have a drink with your friends and neighbours.”

Here, Bruce explains how viewers can get the job done and make their own drop down Fence.

Materials needed:

  • 4 pieces of 3x2 timber or 4 pieces of 2x2 timber
  • A hand saw, circular saw or jig saw
  • Drill or hammer
  • Chain wire or strong rope
  • Eye bolts
  • Latch or tower bolt


  • Ronseal Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate

Get started

Step 1

Measure the fence panel you want to remove – it’s best if it’s an all wood fence.

Step 2

Outline where you will make the cuts. Recommend 900-1000 mm off the ground for the horizontal, bottom cut.

Step 3

Cut with a circular saw, hand saw or jig saw along the desired lines.

Step 4

Reinforce where you cut with timber that fits between the slats. 3x2 or 2x2 pieces may work here depending on the fence style. Nail or screw them in place flush to the fresh cut.

Step 5

Install chain wire or strong rope to keep the fence from falling all the way open using eye bolts or some other fixing to posts.

Step 6

Install a latch, tower bolt or another form of lock that will keep the upper part of the fence in place when upright.

Step 7

Open and close a few times to check that everything fits well.

Step 8 

Paint using Ronseal Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate for a long-lasting finish. 

Step 9

Enjoy your new drop down Fence.

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