How to paint a wooden floor

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Project overview

In an area which is used as often as a kitchen, wooden floors can easily get scuffed and tatty over time. For the toughest protection from everyday wear and tear, use our Diamond Hard Floor Paint.

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What you'll need

Painting a wooden floor


Before you start to paint, you'll need to prepare your wooden floor:

  1. First, seal any knots in the floor with our Knot Block Wood Primer.
  2. Fill any cracks with the appropriate Ronseal Multi-Purpose Wood Filler.

Painting wooden floorboards

Our Diamond Hard Floor Paint can be applied with a brush, roller or applicator pad. For best results, we recommend a floor applicator pad, it'll hold more paint than a brush and gives a better finish on your floorboards. It's also a lot quicker!

  1. Dip the applicator pad evenly into the paint, ensuring only the pad is covered, then remove any excess.
  2. Standing in the corner of the room, pull the applicator pad towards you in the direction of the wood grain.
  3. Make your way around the area, working on two floorboards at a time, moving back towards the door.
  4. Allow 4 hours to dry and apply one more coat at a minimum.

Painting wooden floorboards with Diamond Hard Floor Paint

Once dry, not only will your kitchen floor have a perfect diamond hard finish, but it will also be resistant to flaking, chipping and peeling. The paint gives long-lasting protection and will resist water, oil, coffee and even household chemicals, with an easy, wipe-clean finish.

It doesn't matter how you treat your floor, you can relax, knowing it's got Diamond Hard protection. Learn more on how to prepare, paint varnish and care for your floor, whether floorboards or tiles, in our complete handy guide.

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